it has begun!


08.25.2010 by Andrea

the idea of writing a blog about my favorite hobby, eating, has been on my mind for some time. this marks the birth of the blog and photographic journaling of my personal eating journey.


7 thoughts on “it has begun!

  1. JP says:

    Love you!

  2. Errric says:

    I’m ok with you not cooking I suppose, but would it kill you to capitalize???

  3. monica says:

    Yea!! A new blog for me to follow! Can’t wait to read about all the yummy food you eat (and maybe the not-so-yummy food too)


    • Andrea says:

      @Monica! Thanks lady, I love all the exciting things y’all are doing too! Can’t wait to see what creativity your newest member of the family will spark!

  4. […] Button kind of way. More so, it’s in the way where you blink and realize that you started this little nugget of a blog in 2010, accidentally took a nearly two year hiatus with monthly intentions to get back to sharing and then […]

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