a wedding & a japa-dog!


08.25.2010 by Andrea

Summertime, means wedding season. Anyone in my age demographic knows that the advent of destination bachelor/bachelorette parties has been growing like wild fire.

One of the most highly anticipated weddings this summer was kicked off over a year ago with a surprise engagement party for my friends J and I. One can’t start an engagement period with a surprise shower, and not end without a bang.

The wedding took place this last weekend in beautiful Seattle. In order to prep the bride for her big day we decided to take our neighbor to the north, Vancouver BC, by storm.

15 girls descended upon a city that most of us were unfamiliar with. In order to keep the evening spicy we each came up with a series of tasks for the bride-to-be to complete. One of them was birthed by J’s good friend JN. It was simple: find a japa-dog vendor and get a picture with one of the employees.

Stop. Pause. Rewind. I know. Japa-WHO? Was my first question.
Japa Dog and conveniently it was only a few short blocks from our hotel.

Japa-Dog’s goal is to “serve the most delicious hot dog in the world.” This street meat vendor is adventurous in their hot dog toppings. Ingredients range from spicy cheese, special plum sauces, seaweed and various other options.

While this picture was snapped just a few minutes post dinner, JN was on a mission and had eaten one earlier in the day.

Should you be up in Vancouver, I highly advise taking a swing through this wonderful hot dog vendor.

Congratulations to J & I. It was a blast to be a part of this year of festivities, looking forward to a lifetime of fun.


One thought on “a wedding & a japa-dog!

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