dawg saturdays, meet sunday funday


08.31.2010 by Andrea

The official countdown is on! September 11th kicks off the first home game of the season at UW. Call me a hybrid, if you will. [sometimes referenced as “hu-gar” or “coug-sky” ]. Being that I am an avid fan of live sporting events, I can’t wait to descend upon Husky stadium. it’s a season filled with hope.

When the Huskies take on Syracuse my tailgating crew will be in fine form. More posts are sure to come throughout the season.

One of the many fantastic couples I am friends with has made football an entire weekend experience. The best part of waking up at Mr. & Mrs. W’s homestead, besides the comfy couch, is the homemade biscuits & gravy. Now, prior to eating at their charming abode, all I knew about biscuits & gravy was that the gravy always looked alarmingly crusty and congealed. not so at the W’s home.

photo courtesy of: allrecipes.com

Mrs. W. has perfected biscuits and gravy ala Sunset magazine. Sunset got the recipe from one of the best eateries in Portland, Mother’s Bistro.

A person could eat the gravy alone. She subs in chicken broth for the whole milk, adds spicy sausage, and all sorts of yummy goodness. My mouth is already salivating at the thought of dragging biscuits through that tasty goodness.

Top that off with this fantastic and hilarious youTube video featuring a sausage companies infamous complaint call and you’ve got a recipe for success.

I can’t wait to soak up some morning tastiness at the W home this season.

go Dawgs!

Mr. & Mrs. W.


2 thoughts on “dawg saturdays, meet sunday funday

  1. melanie says:

    My boyfriend works for mothers other restaurant, the Italian mama mia’s (right next door to mothers). He is always bringing home those biscuts and gravy. Although I won’t eat them they look fantastic!

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