tailgate tidbits – week 1

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09.17.2010 by Andrea

photo courtesy of: Mrs. W

I mentioned in a previous blog that I would be doing a play-by-play, in the trenches, account of my tailgating adventures this season. So, here is the week 1 rundown.

Due to light rail/sound transit being built near Husky Stadium many faithful tailgaters at UW have had to accommodate the shifting of tailgating parking lots. With this displacement there comes quite a bit of jostling for the different locations. My pals and I enjoy being in center of it all, the North parking lot, where you never lack for people watching opportunities. Plus, I have a propensity to wander to and fro, visiting different tailgates and catching up with everyone. It’s like a weekly family reunion.

After a heartbreaking season opener to BYU [I was one of those fans who had wanted to see Jake Heaps in Husky apparel] the easiest way to avenge our loss was with a win, and kicking off the season with an on point tailgate.

My crew upped the ante this year. A generator was purchased, speakers were blaring old school and new school jams, and a Wii has been procured to the gamers delight. Add in a tandem setup of beer pong tables and it feels downright cozy.

The members of the “Dawn Patrol” in my tailgate dawgpack are notorious for rolling out the red carpet at 6am. This means Friday after work they are steadily packing up the car with anticipation of what’s to come the following morning. We pair our tent with another group of fellows, and that translates into sitting three tents deep with 2 BBQ’s, an array of snacks, and lots of beverages. It feels like coming home.

To be perfectly honest the morning cookoff felt a bit like a Top Chef quickfire. I was suppose to be cracking and swirling the eggs for a tasty omelette. Epic Fail. My friend, nicknamed the Chairman, quickly took over and I manned jello shot dispersement. Needless to say between my roomies freshly made banana bread, eggs, sausage, and mimosas we were well on our way to a great start.

Kickoff wasn’t until 4pm, so the food items kept rolling in. Due to the amount of people we have at our tailgate, this year we were paired off into teams with the intent that each squad will bring a main meal for one game and then be the supporting cast for another. Mr. & Mrs. W and the Chairman took it to another level with chicken and steak kabobs, a whole crock pot filled with gooey potato goodness, and a caesar salad. Top that off with my friend Hoef making a killer 7 layer dip, plus my roommates homemade brownies and peanut butter rice krispy treats. We had a feast on our hands, no stomach was left hungry. Last year we kicked off our tailgate munching with slow roasted pulled pork sandwiches and this year the bar was already raised. I’m looking forward to seeing how many more notches in tailgating fabulousness we can take it.

I’ll be reporting in for nearly every game and will have a special destination tailgate from South Carolina when I’m taking in the SC v. TN game. I’ve heard all about southern hospitality and we will see if they can rival our pre-game spread.

With full bellies and the sun breaking through we ambled into the stadium to watch the Dawgs take on Syracuse. It was nice to gain some momentum with a win as we prepare to face #8 Nebraska. Kickoff is at noon. Talk to you next week.


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