tailgate tidbits take two – wakey, wakey: eggs ‘n bakey

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09.21.2010 by Andrea

Well, [deep sigh], you can’t win ’em all. It’s hard to call Saturday’s loss heartbreaking when the writing was on the wall two thirds of the way into the game. Though you always hope that the tide is going to turn, and we could pull off a win like last seasons USC game, it was apparent that we just didn’t have our heads in the game.

On a brighter note, our tailgating formula continued to be a success. Let’s be honest, the weather forecast wasn’t too good for Saturday. I fell asleep to the sound of a torrential downpour and wasn’t too eagerly anticipating the dawning of a new day, and a super early tailgate. I must confess muggy monsoon-like weather throws me for a loop. How are you suppose to dress? It’s darn near impossible.

Week 2 rolled out smooth as butter. A new tailgating pal, had made an enormous breakfast sandwich last week. To my delight the sandwich was replicated in an even more grandiose style this week.

A's breakfast sandwich of champions

Frankly, last week I could hardly contain myself, and might have rudely delved right into the sandwich before the owner even had a chance to partake in it. This week, I showed a bit more restraint. The addition of combining two breakfast meats and a dollop of ketchup definitely was tasty.

When a game kicks off around the noon hour one shouldn’t overdo it at breakfast because you’re on a tight time limit to attempt to squeeze in another meal. Yikes! Somehow my stomach is always up for the challenge. The honeymooners from my Japa-Dog post have returned, and an invitation to indulge in the hearty cooking of the brides uncle was extended out to us. I love samples at Costco, so I knew surely I would enjoy grazing at another tailgate. Uncle B outdid himself. The spread was fantastic, he had ample food, and even took the time to hand wrap bacon around gourmet hot dogs. They were grilled to perfection, and we were all in hot dog heaven! Thanks Uncle B, anticipate seeing my face around your tailgate frequently this season!

uncle B's culinary creation

This concludes the week two write-up. Being that I was feeling crestfallen about the outcome of the game, reminiscing about the food sure helped. One final highlight, the weather was a bit touch and go at dawn, but proceeded to only get nicer throughout the rest of the day. It dumped buckets later that evening. The past two seasons we’ve hardly had bad weather, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that trend continues – forever.

The Huskies have a bye this week, and then the following week we will be down in Trojan-land. I am sure that USC is plotting ways to avenge last years loss. I think that the Dawgs will be able to bring it. We usually have away game parties. The menus vary, it could be a panini party, brunch, or a Thanksgiving style spread. Looking forward to what’s to come in that department throughout the season. In the interim I’m attending my best friends wedding, I have been counting down to this event for some time, and am looking forward to the tasty cuisine as well. Also, in the next few weeks, we will be embarking on a sampling tour to find Seattle’s best burgers. Thoughts, suggestions? All are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great idea JN!

Until next time, happy eating.


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