tailgate tidbits – down but not out.


10.25.2010 by Andrea

ever faithful fans

I am not a good loser. I will even admit to pouting [a bit] when handily tossed a loss. Inquire of my brothers, and you’ll find: what I lack in athletic prowess & musical rhythm, amongst others things, I make up for it in the determination division. I don’t quit. Prime example, I enjoy playing a slightly addictive Scrabble-esque game called: Words With Friends. I lightly consider myself a word connoisseur, [a Scrabbler if you will], and it stings to lose to my pals. I know, it’s just a word game, but I like to see that I am the champion after a match. I rarely enjoy losing, lets be honest: who does? That being said, like a boxer I am always jumping up ready for the next round, and hopefully that is how the Huskies feel as well.

To be frank, the last few Husky games have left me a bit out of sorts. Its been a season of valleys and peaks. Granted, we are still leaps and bounds away from a 0-12 season, it’s just entirely too painful to watch a sloppy loss occur when you are hoping and wishing so badly for a win.

All that to say, over the course of my hardcore tailgating in the past few seasons, we have been blessed with fairly good weather. Autumn in the Northwest is fabulous. Precipitation has rarely ruined our festivities, knock on wood.

The Dawgs took on Arizona State [October 9th] in rainy, soggy, muddy conditions. You would have thought it would make the field work to our advantage. Fail. Conditions were such that even my most resilient rain attire didn’t keep the moisture out of my outfit. A huge thanks to my good buddy CJ’s parents, [Jim-Bo & Jill], who graciously donated their undercover tickets to us. It could have been a completely different game had I attempted to rock a plastic poncho and rain galoshes all while standing in the end zone.

While we didn’t add another W to the column there was certainly a winner that day for my tummy. Mr. & Mrs. S teamed up with CJ to cover the food spread. They provided a hearty, belly warming Irish Stew. I added a splash of my favorite hot sauce, Tapatio, to kick up the spice a notch. After several hours of huddling under various tailgating tents attempting to dodge rain drops, this dish hit the spot! CJ contributed his signature pasta salad, and even added baby corn to the delight of my roommate.

Irish Stew ala Mr. & Mrs. S.

It was a first come, first serve frenzy. I can assure you not a scrap was left behind. I was first in line for a bowl, and came back a few short minutes to claim a bowl for a friend and it was nearly gone. Quite the tasty delights.

head chef Mr. S. & tasting assistant Mr. W.

I rounded out my tour of tailgates that day by swinging by my friends L & K’s stall. Mrs. P had treated their tailgating bunch to a homemade “W” cake made out of funfetti, which happens to be my very favorite flavor. If this cheery cake doesn’t turn a rainy tailgate around, I am not sure what will.


Onward and upward. The following weekend [October 16th], the weather was balmy. We had some guest tailgaters join us this week. As it turns out, Mrs. W is also from my hometown: Vancouver, WA, and her parents make an annual trek up to take in a home game. D & Tra are great additions to the gang, throw in Mrs. W’s brother, affectionately referred to as “The Boy” and E1 had better be ready to rock. I am inclined to think that this trio of visitors might just be our lucky charm. Last year they made an appearance at Apple Cup, where we had a resounding win over the Cougars, and this year they watched as we beat Oregon State in double overtime. Sweet victory.

Being that we had a night game, and knowing that D & Tra were going to want the full day experience Mr. and Mrs. W took the days menu to another level. They had already informed us that we were going to be enjoying mouth watering Apple Cheddar Turkey Burgers, and then enticed us all to come early and sample 2 different breakfast stratas. I was in breakfast heaven. Delicious.

From there it was an easy segue into snacking all afternoon. I haven’t yet captured a photo but my pals Mr. and Mrs. C make this pretzel snack that is too die for, you can’t get enough of tasty treats. The main course was flavorful, inventive, and plain fun. Apple Cheddar Turkey Burgers. It just kind of rolls off the tongue. Mrs. W got the recipe from Sunset Magazine. I imagine that it’s pretty similar to Rachel Ray’s version. I was prowling Costco the day after the game and saw a raspberry sauce, which I assumed was how they made the delicious chutney. Wrong, it was all homemade and accompanied by baked beans. I was so busy chowing down that I failed to procure a camera to snap a picture of this creation. I did roam through a few blogs and found a picture that was very much akin to what we ate.

Sidenote, this blog, In Our Mix, had some delightful recipes. I also received a Tailgating magazine in my mailbox at work compliments of my friend Patsy, so we should be in business for awhile. Speaking of tailgating tidbits. At the OSU game I was introduced to a young gentleman named Taylor who has elevated the art of capturing the essence of tailgating to a whole new level. Taylor is a burgeoning food photographer, whose appetite for college fare and football has lead him to create a Tailgate Tour. I was instantly intrigued by his quest this season, to find the best tailgates, and wanted to hop on the bandwagon. His site, Taylor Takes a Taste, will make any tailgate epicurean drool with with envy. He featured his time at Washington, and was able to find some true goodies that I had no idea were surrounding us on a regular basis. I am going to have to get more friendly with some of my tailgating neighbors! If you get a chance take a look at some of his work do: it’s mouthwatering.

Sorry for the lengthiness of this blog. Two games rolled into one commentary makes for a slightly longwinded entry. Only two more home games to go. This week I will be out of town for the matchup against Stanford, I will be found in the deep South watching the Gamecocks take on Tennessee. Pictures will be abound.


Final notes, [quickly]: if you’re a Seattle resident and looking to step out of your dining box, our ever budget friendly Seattle Restaurant Week is in full swing. It is the last week but there are goodies for every palate. Who can say no to a 3 course meal for $25 dollars. Also, for those who are attending the final UW home game versus UCLA [Thursday – November 18th], hop on the bandwagon and plan on dressing for a stadium Blackout. Word on the street is that new Husky jerseys are set to debut that evening. That’s a wrap, thanks for hanging in there for the long haul. More posts to chew on are in the pipeline.

Happy Monday and Happy Eating. Goodnight.


6 thoughts on “tailgate tidbits – down but not out.

  1. JoAnne says:

    Love your blog. You’re a wonderful writer. Very funny and entertaining!

  2. Oh my gosh, I have to know … did you stalk those poor two little old men with your camera phone and sneak a pic!?

  3. False Nails says:

    i can play scrabble all day long cause i love to play with words and rearrange them for higher points `-*

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