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11.22.2010 by Andrea

fancy feast

The weather outside is pretty blustery. It is now day two of snow flurries landing in King County. I must admit as exquisite as snow looks when falling, when it sticks it’s not something I am an advocate of. My job doesn’t allow for snow days, and I am already peering out the window trying to anticipate how long a drive that is typically 25 minutes will take in the morning.

In the interim, rather than sitting on my duff and not enjoying this snow day I brainstormed a few more blog ideas, and realized that I was experiencing a snowball effect of blog entries. I am a tad behind. Expect several in the next few days, pending weather of course.

The season of holiday bustle has descended upon, rather quickly I might add. I can hardly believe that it is almost December, may I have an extra month, please? Due to working in the hospitality industry I don’t always get to be home with my immediate family to celebrate the holiday on the day of. It certainly has been a good reminder that the date on the calendar should not be the central focus, quality time with one another always wins. We’ve managed to make it work, and my family has been more than accommodating in shuffling dates around to celebrate.

With that said, it’s always nice when my family of friends spoil me. Whether it’s a meal at their house, a cocktail party, or weekend of marathon eating, if my schedule allows I am always the first to RSVP. Holiday eating requires a fair amount of pacing. This weekend I didn’t hold back. A mutli-meal gorge session ensued. My trifecta of cooking friends: The W’s and the Chairman were at it again! They cooked up this menu that was decadent, made with love, and I never went hungry.

The first meal of the weekend was post Husky win over UCLA.

NY strip steaks

The W’s did a run to Costco and inspired by a recipe he saw Mr. W, took these steaks and did work. A little butter, a super hot grill, and they were transformed into these:

dinner numero uno

My roomie has mentioned that I have a propensity to eat at a feverish pace. I don’t doubt it. It was confirmed when I finally looked up from my dinner plate on Friday night. “Dyson,” might be my new nickname. What can I say? It’s hard to slow down, and chew when a hearty slab of meat, mixed with buttery mushrooms, savory asparagus, and hearty rustic bread await you.

You might think that one large meal might be enough. But wait, there was more. I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy crab cakes, and Mrs. W. came with a recipe that is to die for. I enjoyed them so much I nibbled on them for breakfast and lunch the next day.

Mrs. W's & KK's homemade crab cakes

These goodies hail from the Food Network. Initially she was planning to work them in for the football season. I am certainly happy I got to have seconds and thirds. She tweaked the recipe here and there, and for the first go, they were delicious. I even caught a few people trying to sneak a bite or two off of each others plates. Crab cakes alone would have been fine, but she also whipped up a lemon mayo, with a hint of jalapeño ranch, butternut squash topped with alfredo sauce & parmesan, and a mixed field greens salad. The entire plate was resplendent in flavors and colors. I could hardly convince myself to move after dinner.

One might think that I would be satisfied after that. But in order to complete the full cycle a breakfast was in order.


photo compliments of NY Serious Eats

Much like Doma, in NY’s West Village, the stuffed french toast that we ate was delicious. I am normally a savory kind of eater, but this breakfast paired with turkey sausage and sliced mangoes hit the spot. The mixture of whipped cream cheese and preserves sandwiched between two buttermilk bread slices, sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon is hard to beat.

Roll me home! My stomach and my palate both thank you ALL for your hard work this weekend. Good thing holiday eating like this only comes around once a year.

I had a date with America’s toughest trainer this morning, Jillian Michaels, and it definitely made me feel as if I was back on track after my calorie consumption of the weekend.

Rest assured, I will be eating lighter this Thursday, but come Saturday my roomie and I are hosting the final Tailgate Tidbit of the season, it’s been a fan favorite of the past and we are hoping Saturday will be just as fun and creative. Get your griddlers ready!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving week, and safe travels. To bed I go!


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