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11.22.2010 by Andrea

SC v. TN

The bucket list is racking up a few fourth quarter check marks.

Tailgating at a game in the South. Done!

Eating my way through the South. I excelled at this and I ate for the all 4 of us. [I have named my muffin top/love handles/mid section: Phil, Lil & Jill aka the Triplets]. We ate well.

Chicken & Dumplings at Cracker Barrel. For BREAKFAST.

Word to the wise don’t ask if they can grill chicken unless you want to see a face awash with confusion. It required an inquiry of management and then a nod was given. Vegetable sides: mac & cheese, fried apples and hashbrown casserole. Now we are talkin’.

Chick-Fil-A. Enough said, right? I adore this chain. Love that it always hits the spot. Awaiting the day when they say adios to styrofoam and switch to corn compostable cups.

Homemade Moonshine infused with Raspberries. Wow. Smooth.

Jalapeño Queso? More. Please. I am still thinking about it a month later.

What happens when one orders a platter of chicken nuggets? This:

C’s dinner for one

And now, let’s push up our sleeves and get to the heart of the matter. Two gal pals and I traipsed cross country to visit one of our closest friends. She recently decided move to Atlanta. We had hatched this plan of attending an SEC game early in the season. We still have LSU on the calendar for ’12, but patience isn’t one of my strongest suits. After watching the highlights of the SC v. Alabama game a few weeks back my desire to go only intensified.

the ladies

We had a ball. The driver was terrific, the music playlist got us amped for game time, and the apparel, unparalleled. We had been forewarned that the true Southern ladies brought flair to the tailgates. Keeping to our West Coast style we wore logo tees and jeans. Not only do the Southern gals bring it with style [boot, dresses, and fashionable scarves] in October, the gentleman are also dressed in a dapper manner. My favorite piece of apparel:

chino embroidered logo shorts

I will admit that I have never seen garnet & black worn so boldly and so proudly.

Now to gametime. The stadium was incredible, and more importantly the food prices! Amazingly low! Compared to the Pac-10, I was a kid in the candy shop. Popcorn for a couple of bucks, an entire pizza for $18. I certainly munched my way through the 3rd and 4th quarter, and came away with a commemorative plastic glass. Sandstorm, the song … lost count of how many times it was played. Certainly ingrained in my head for over a week after I got home.

What was the most noticeable difference between the Pac-10 and SEC tailgating style? It’s the post tailgating. The game was at noon so after a victorious win, sorry C [our lone TN fan in the bunch], we resumed the afternoon festivities. Tailgating food doesn’t seem to differ much coast to coast. We had a blast, great southern hospitality made it hard to leave.

Next time I attend a Southern outing I intend to do it up right fashion-wise. Big hats & mint juleps. I believe the Kentucky Derby awaits me!!!


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