fun lunch friday: smarty pants

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11.23.2010 by Andrea

Thank you Seattle snow-pocalypse 2010. My roommate talked me out of leaving the house late last night in anticipation of a long drive to work. According to Facebook and Twitter [because where else would you get your realtime newsy updates] my normal drive to work was taking an average 5 hours. Albeit icy, the roads were clear today, and I got to work with 3 hours to spare. Bravo WSDOT website, cameras, and workers! Y’all saved my bacon, and got me to work safely. Now I am settled in, taking advantage of the free wifi in SeaTac, it’s very nice. If I am going to be stuck this is not a bad place to lounge.

Now, lets talk lunch. I like to be busy. Super busy. My work schedule is erratic and so I have had to come up with creative ways to get intentional time in with good friends. One brainchild of mine is “fun lunch Friday.” It started when my roommate [whom I can sometimes go 2 weeks without seeing] and I were in need of a major catchup session. We thought that a midday break on the the longest day of the week [Friday], and an opportunity to explore the SoDo/Georgetown area of Seattle were a perfect pairing. We’ve expanded it to others who work in close proximity. Our pal JK, and my roommates cousin KK, it’s a great mix! There is no rhyme or reason for where we choose to go, and how frequently we do this. Sometimes it’s a couple weeks in a row, and then during our busier seasons if we can meet once a month we are doing well. We are always on the hunt for different places to duck in and try. I hear a falafel truck is in our future.

One of our first stops was Jones Barbeque. It is finger lickin’ good. You always know that if there is a line out the door, that it must be a hot spot. It’s always great to be able to support local businesses. I might be slightly biased since I have been eating their BBQ sauce for years. It’s just that good.

We’ve also learned that you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Costco foodcourt for a slice o’ pizza, a swing through Jimmy Johns to eat a pickle and their Turkey Tom [#4 for those of you who have the menu memorized], a stop at Macrina Bakery where everything is tempting, or a long lunch at Via Trib, where there are never any leftovers.

Most recently we re-toured Smarty Pants. If you haven’t eaten here, make a note – you should. I have eaten here on several occasions and have yet to have a bad sammy. With a mantra of: “where sandwiches are king, and soup skills supreme,” how could you go wrong? Easy. You never do. I typically go for the Firecracker sandwich. It seems to be well suited to my personality, with a choice of homemade potato salad or chips and salsa, you’ll walk out the door full. I’ve also sampled their homemade chili, and it’s definitely a belly-warmer!

On this particular Friday we decided to mix it up.

JK went old school with the Lil’ Brat; corned beef on marbled rye.

lil' brat

KK decided to spice things up with the Troublemaker. Chicken, bacon, monterey jack cheese, onions & a spicy sauce, yum!

the troublemaker

JS went off menu and had the special of the day. A real treat, homemade tzatziki atop a gyro and coleslaw completed her meal.

gryo time

I decided to live wildly and roll the dice. Asking a server what they call their favorite dish is much akin to reading a Choose Your Own Adventure Novel. She recommended the Egg Salad, and I said “done.” Pretty tasty, and a detour from my normal Deluxe Grilled Cheese [it has avocado on it folks] and the Firecracker.

my egg salad

Along with the great food I have never lacked for entertainment. Whether it’s watching a Sounders game, looking outside at the impromptu street parade, or people watching there is always something going on in your peripheral vision.

After perusing the menu, I already determined my next pick. The Ms. Piggy! Mmm. I’ll let you guess what that involves!

Want to join us for lunch, or have a sweet recommendation? We would love both! Until next time, happy eating!


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