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11.30.2010 by Andrea

Husky Stadium Blackout!

I obviously don’t root for Alabama, but I do love their phraseology, enthusiasm, and use of “ROLL TIDE.” So, in the spirit of ‘bama “ROLL DAWGS!!”

We closed out the home games of the season on a Thursday night [11/18] debuting sharp new black uniforms, and celebrating another notch in the W column. As my friend, the Chairman, so eloquently put it “4 and 6 sure sounds a heck of a lot better than 3 and 7.” Since the game was on Thursday the main tailgating action didn’t take place until closer to gametime. It was definitely a chilly day and I moseyed through a couple of tailgates.

Fast forward a week. After a week of snow, ice, and Thanksgiving dinners the Dawgs faced the Cal Bears. This game had a ton on the line for both teams. Both teams went into the game with the knowledge that with a loss neither would likely qualify for a bowl game. The Bears were coming off of two losses and playing for the last time in Memorial Stadium until the 2012 season. Also, last time we had met had catapulted Husky fans into a season of hopeful expectations.

This past May my roommate became the proud owner of a beautiful townhouse. Since the schedule was posted she had earmarked this past Saturday as a great time to have friends over to watch the game. It didn’t take long for us to determine the meal of choice would be paninis. This style of sandwich has been a long standing group favorite. Having had a flurry of weddings the past couple of years has served to increase the number of griddlers at our disposal. Apparently we aren’t the only ones infatuated with this hot sammy. I found a blog, Panini Happy, committed to concocting tasty recipes.

The concept is relatively easy. We usually utilize a group email chain, but you could also use evite, or a similar electronic invitation site. Once guests begin to RSVP for the event have them list the items they plan on bringing to help build delicious sandwiches.

the ingredients

Our spread was deep. Multiple kinds of cheese [smoked gouda, havarti, mozzarella, goat, swiss, cheddar, monterey jack], meats [salami, pastrami, turkey, roast beef, ham] and add-ons [sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, olive tapenade, stone ground mustard, pesto, tomatoes, avocados, pepperoncinis, basil] were abound. The list of potential ingredients is endless. Choose a bread [we are fans of both white and wheat sourdough], slap on a bit of margarine to the outside facing sides of your sandwich, and let the griddler do work!

No two sandwiches are the same. Take a look at our process from prep to perfection! We are quite the sandwich artists.

not a meat eater? no problemo!

In my opinion the smartest thing to do is to be fearless. Mix and match traditional and non traditional sandwich ingredients to have something like this:

ready for grilling!

Ready. Set. Business Time.

just the right amount of crispiness!

Note to self, while tempting to overload your sandwich with all the tantalizing ingredients, refrain. My sandwich, the one on the left, didn’t last my entire eating experience. Learning Lesson of the Day, if you eyes are bigger than your stomach [which mine often are] take one slice of bread, cut it in half and do two different halves. Just as flavorful, and probably a whole lot safer for the carpet/hardwood floors.

after some tasty appetizers JN was smart and partnered up with CK to divide their panini!

You might think with our DIY sandwich building frenzy that the game would fade into the background. Not so. Once again, a last minute play helped the Dawgs triumph over our opponent. The last second win had our entire living erupting in cheers, hi-fives, and hugs. Thanks for sending us to Apple Cup on a jubilant note guys!!!

Finally, Fun Lunch Friday this past week at the Nordstrom Cafe in Tacoma, [set to post this Friday], had several members of the restaurant waitstaff participating in Movember. It’s a great outward display to raise funds for mens health. Learn more about this movement at: http://us.movember.com/about/. It’s the brother movement to Octobers Breast Cancer Awareness month.

With turkey tidings and cranberry craziness behind us enjoy the last day of November. Happy Eating. Roll Dawgs.


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