ode to fried pickles


12.12.2010 by Andrea

I have met my new favorite food. My taste buds are salivating as I pen this post.

Hello Fried Pickles.

It’s strange I was actually slightly apprehensive about whether or not this marriage of flavors would work to my advantage. It should have been a no-brainer. There were several factors already in cahoots to make this new discovery a fan favorite:

– I have always loved pickles, especially dill.

– My cravings naturally lean towards savory over sweet, everyday.

– Fried Foods? Yes, please! Plus, I have yet to meet a carb/starch that I don’t like.

– Growing up one of my favorite meals was a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Don’t knock ’em till you try ’em. There is a huge following for these delicacies. Recently I just devoured a toasted open faced peanut butter and bacon [extra crispy, please] sandwich that was delicious.

– Fried Zucchini and I were formally introduced years ago, and we have maintained a friendly rapport. I don’t indulge very often, but when I do I rarely regret it.

This past Friday I found myself back in Atlanta, scanning the menu at Meehan’s Public House. My eye immediately spied the Grilled Chicken BLT. I ended up ordering it because they created a twist to the traditional BLT. Smoked Gouda and Avocado alongside a spicy mayo complimented this hearty sandwich well.

The sandwich was good but the prelude was even better. When the fried pickles arrived at the table accompanied by a side of ranch, I felt a burst of excitement in my stomach. They just smelled good. I halted my dining companions from digging in while I snapped pictures. Then, I ate my first fried pickle.

Delicious. I couldn’t stop. The plate was virtually empty before we even ordered our entrees. The only way I can think to describe my experience was was that it was a salty flavor burst in my mouth. Maybe it was the juiciness of the pickle and the crispy exterior. Amazingly, I didn’t even need to dip these little round chips in the ranch that was provided. That’s huge! I can’t wait for more. After clearing the plate [and no I didn’t lick it clean, but it was tempting] I was extremely thankful that:

A]: Since I am not a resident of the South, I am not tempted to eat them every day.

B]: I don’t cook, and furthermore I don’t own a fryer so I can’t even fathom attempting to make them on my own

C]: As far as I know they are not available in Seattle. I am not even allowing myself the ability to Google where on the West Coast I might be able to procure this heavenly treat.

I am treating this very much akin to how I view my enjoyment of In-n-Out when in California and Burgerville [a hometown homerun if I say so myself] when I am down in the Portland area. Isolate. I will only indulge in my newest palate pleaser when I am in the South. Luckily for me the South is fairly expansive.

Fried Pickles – you’ve got a friend in me!

Closing note, 101 concepts, the parent company of Meehan’s has another restaurant under their umbrella Food 101, that looks like a great neighborhood dining establishment. I’ve added it to my list of places to check out next time I am in Atlanta.

Finally, whaddya think? Thumbs up, or thumbs down on my newest discovery? Do you have a quirky offbeat favorite food? I would love to hear about new treats I should add to my list of foods to try.

Until next time, happy eating – or, crunching & munching in this case.



One thought on “ode to fried pickles

  1. niccolew says:

    oh, my! really, they sound disgusting. they always have, but after this little write up they’ve now been added to my bucket list. salty flavor burst – here i come!

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