festivus for the rest of us!

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12.24.2010 by Andrea

It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year. For all of you Seinfeld-ians, and those who aren’t: Happy Festivus! I hope that many of you have been prancing around displaying feats of strength, raising unadorned aluminum poles, and airing grievances. With the end of the year rapidly coming to a close, there is no better day to purge irritations and then cheerfully look forward to the next few days.

Due to the nature of my job, oftentimes I find myself working on holidays. I have mentioned this before, and continue to appreciate having a supportive set of parents and siblings who are more than accommodating. Working during busy seasons was strongly emphasized when I entered into my profession, your mindset must be set before you begin Day 1 about being flexible when you celebrate special days. Typically it’s not a big deal, because it’s all in what you make of it. However, a few weeks ago I was craving turkey dressing like nobodies business and realized I hadn’t gotten my typical three, sometimes four scoopfuls to satiate my appetite on Thanksgiving. My friends, Mr. and Mrs. C were at the grocery store picking up supplies for our panini party and were more than gracious about picking up a box of Stove Top for me. Grazie!

I’ve stocked my cupboards with goodies so that I won’t be left without options come Christmas night. With the busyness of this holiday week, I am forecasting late night holiday food cravings. Already [as in tonight] the hunger monster struck [hard and fast while at the gym I might add]. Green Bean Casserole. Random, I know. This could be a Festivus Miracle in and of itself since I actually attempted to create a dish that required assembling [three ingredients: cream of mushroom soup, green beans, and french fried onions] and turning on the oven.

However, before I get too far off track, back to my special celebrated holiday meal of the season. Two weeks ago, I was treated to a homemade dinner in the company of good friends. A gaggle of my friends and I booked a cruise to Mexico next year and have been ultra motivated to get beach body ready now. In order to get ship shape we have been amping up our exercise rotation with some pretty hefty workouts. This particular Sunday I was so looking forward to fresh flavors, and lots of protein for dinner and that is what I got and more!

Perfect post workout meal?!? Pot Roast!! Done in 3 hours, it’s succulent and flavorful. I had no idea it could be perfectly cooked to a juicy tenderness in the time it took to unpack a tree, hit the gym, and shower! Bring on the heavy weights, cardio, and squats! After this meal I felt like I could take on the world! Homemade gravy and then mushrooms that cooked alongside the meat had me scraping my plate clean in no time.

I think what I enjoyed most about this particular meal was that it felt like a throwback to a meal of yesteryear. I imagine this being very similar to a Sunday afternoon supper my grandparents would have enjoyed. Fresh green beans, that were still crisp, with minced garlic thrown in and red potatoes cooked with a bit of sea salt and rosemary rounded out the meal.

We even got a bit fancy with cloth napkins and the formal setting of the table. If the clinking of glasses, sounds of conversation, and laughter don’t get you excited for the holiday season I can’t imagine what will. I was in a food coma/ blissful state after that meal. It’s amazing what great cooks, great company, and great food can do for a gal, couldn’t have asked for a better meal!

Signing off until after Christmas — Merry, Merry Festivus!

Happy Holiday Folks & of course happy eating!



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