neighborhood nuggets: jak’s grill


01.01.2011 by Andrea

“times they are a changing,” Bob Dylan sang and since today is 1.1.11 it seems appropriate to embrace his theme as we embark on the start of a calendar.

My palate has certainly been evolving. In the past two weeks I have sampled more seafood than normal. The other evening found myself enjoying [gorging on] a lovely shrimp cocktail appetizer. My friend pairs shrimp with a dipping sauce accoutrement that involves cocktail sauce, lemon juice, and chopped up avocados. Muy delicious. A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought I would be devouring a third of a platter of cocktail shrimp. How quickly things change.

Most recently I got a chance to dine at Jak’s Grill. I have heard about Jak’s steaks and amazing potato combination of mashed potatoes and a potato pancake which had immediately piqued my interest. What I wasn’t expecting was to fall in love with their bacon wrapped scallop. I look at the picture and my stomach starts growling. It was just that good. Eating this treat is like unwrapping a Christmas gift that keeps on giving. The jumbo scallop was ensconced in bacon and then had a butternut squash sauce drizzled on top of it. I think there was a stare down involved for the fifth shrimp since there was four of dining together. I didn’t win. But, I know what I am going to be ordering in the future.

The Nebraska grown beef doesn’t disappoint from start to finish. I deviated from the normal steak offering and opted for the skewers. A juicy combination of filet and NY brochettes cooked to perfection and then drizzled with gorgonzola sauce and toppped with sundried tomatoes. It is rare event that I don’t finish my entire plate, but combined with salad and bread this meal had me full before I was ready to stop. Can’t wait to go back. I have a gal pal who will be treated to a dinner there in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to hear her take on the food.

There is no better way to close out a trifecta of seafood samplings then to have a salmon bake. A pal was back in town from school and invited me over to his parents house. The salmon was wonderful. I also was introduced to a delicious marinade that contained notes of sweet and salty. The Citrus Soy Marinade, by a Perfect Pear is delightful. These two elements combined with rice for a harmonious medley of flavors. I also had my first kale salad. It was divine, lightly dressed with olive oil, truffle oil and the juice of a lemon.

All in all, I think my holiday eating was a success! Like my friend aptly said: let’s be like butter, and get on a roll for the new year. Happy Eating. Cheers.


One thought on “neighborhood nuggets: jak’s grill

  1. Melinda says:

    I always enjoy your postings & agree JaK’s is amazing – its a must for brunch as well – you can’t go wrong with a MANmosa on the menu…. and if you like the bacon wrapped scalops there do try the ones at Daniel’s which are on the HH menu … equally awesome! Happy New Year & may it be filled with fabulous food year round!

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