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01.16.2011 by Andrea

who dat? Washington dat!!! The Pac NW is packing some punches! Notable notes of the past few weeks

– Huskies swept USC and UCLA in mens basketball

– The Dawgs staged a Holiday Bowl win in San Diego [cue Ron Burgundy’s voice here]

– The Eastern football squad staged a dominant comeback and won a championship!

– The Seahawks rolled into a 2nd round of playoffs with a terrific win over the current Super Bowl champs, the New Orlean Saints

– Snowstorm 2011 hit Seattle and in 49 out of 50 states there was snow documented on the ground.

Throughout all that the holiday season came to an end, 2011 rapidly arrived, and my roomie and I hosted a potato bar.

I have yet to meet a potato that I don’t like. This last year I was introduced to instant mashers, and even managed to enjoy those as well. Whether it’s paninis, pizza, or potatoes the contribute a topping concept remains the same. Just bring an ingredient or two that packs a punch. These potatoes were dressed for success! Options included: bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, chives, taco meat, salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese, corn, black beans, ranch dressing, bleu cheese dressing and a few others I am sure to have forgotten.

G's goodies. yum. yum.

The meal was complemented with caesar salad, and homemade poppers made by our friend G, that were simple and scrumptious. I munched on the leftovers for the next few days. Of course every sweet tooth needed to be tended to and so Mrs. C brought over homemade sugar cookies cut out in U and W shapes and frosted in purple & gold. They were lunchtime and late night snacks for a week!

I was hoping that the posting of this blog would coincide with the good news that the Seahawks had knocked off the Bears in Chicago and the NFC championship would be hosted in Seattle next weekend. Unfortunately that doesn’t look to be the case, but thanks [Seahawks] for giving us something to tune in and brag about the past few weeks. It has been fun to cheer on local teams to some amazing wins. Next up, mens basketball the Huskies vs. Cal tonight. Hard to believe that the football season will be wrapped up in just a few weeks. Hopefully we can look forward to a few more good battles. And yes, I am already anticipating the frenzy that is March Madness and excitedly getting ready to pencil in my brackets for the Big Dance.

Until next time, as always happy eating.

potato photo compliments of: http://butterscotchripple.com/2009/the-baked-potato-model-of-e-marketing/


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