selection sunday & march madness


03.19.2011 by Andrea

It was the shot that shook the nation. My friend JP, who I mentioned in my previous post, had been crisscrossing the country, and decided to make a stop back at home to watch the Dawgs take on Arizona in the Pac-10 tournament. I won’t lie, the Dawgs, hadn’t been looking too good leading up to this tournament. But I had faith that we needed to go cold, before we heated up at an all time pivotal time in the season, right before the Big Dance. I love this time of year. It’s an easy segue from college football to college basketball. Filling out brackets, an intensity that is unmatched in other sports. This is what gets my blood pumping. The final seconds of the the UW v. Arizona game were watched at the Garage Mahal, and it was magnificent. If you think you know what a Man Cave is like, check this one out. My friend B, who recently relocated from Seattle to San Francisco is an ardent UNC fan, so you can only imagine the nailbiting that will be taking place tomorrow morning.

A win on Saturday, easily led into brunch Sunday morning post the St. Paddy’s Day Dash. It was 5 years running for some of my friends. A tasty meal was to be had for those who participated, I will be honest, I tapped out of the run, with the intent to do Zumba, and showed up for brunch. Tasty scrambles, waffles, bacon and sausage were abound. The Duke v. UNC game was on, and thus began Selection Sunday. It’s always exciting to see what seeding teams receive and who is projected as the four number 1’s.

Selection Sunday was capped with a tasty dinner at the W ranch. Mrs. W’s brother, the Boy, gifted Mr. W with a fryer. Best. Decision. Ever. This countertop fryer produced some of the best sweet potato fries I have sampled. Keep in mind I was just salivating over Kings fries, two weeks ago. Mr. W., made a sweet batch of fries. That wasn’t all. We also had bacon, bleu cheese, lamb burgers, that were money. Few words were emitted because we were all engrossed in our massive entree.

savory bacon

salad compliments of AK

thanks to The Boy for such a great gift

March Madness seems to be on a mission to befuddle me this year, because I am confused with what rounds we are in. I thought St. Paddy’s day kicked off round 1, but according to commentators, and TV updates it was officially round 2 due to all the play-in’s that occurred earlier in the week. So, I kicked off Round “2” with a check next to my bucket list – savoring a pint of Guinness in Chicago on St. Patricks Day. I think that ever since I saw Harrison Ford in The Fugitive and spotted the green river, I have wanted to experience the magic of the city on 3/17. Typically Chicagoans kick off festivities the weekend prior with their parade. I decided to wander down to Wrigleyville to embark on my own Irish Pub Crawl. Couple March Madness games [major upsets] and St. Patricks Day, I don’t think that I could have picked a better day to start the tournament. I sampled a Guinness, and then had the best sandwich to date.

A former Seattlelite who moved to Chicago about a year ago met up with me after work and schooled me on tasty Chicago joints. I met my match at Lucky’s Sandwich Company. I won’t say that I was dubious, but there was an element of doubt when J told me that they stuffed their sandwiches with french fries. I didn’t see any indicator on their menu that said they were going to place a handful of savory fries atop of my skirt steak sandwich. We ordered it to-go, and lo and behold, a whole stack of of fries were layered between the thickest, yet softest bread, mixed in with steak, tangy mustard, and other various condiments. I ate the whole half of my sandwich before coming up for a breathe because it was so delicious. I am not sure what inspired this combination but I can attest that it is wonderful. I saved half for the next day and found myself eating it on the El Train prior to getting back to my hotel, oops.

Lucky's is the spot - skirt steak sandwich.

There were certainly some bracket busters. I really enjoy Izzo’s coaching style, and had pushed them to beat UCLA. My personal upset. That was not to be, but the uniting factor of March Madness, as blogged about by my friend Lori, makes the next two weekends very exciting. I was happy to land back in Seattle last night and see the Dawgs advance to the next round.

I’m on a blogroll this next week, I still need to chat about Whistler, some tasty bites in Ballard, and then I’m bound for the high seas. Here’s to a successful tomorrow for the Dawgs!

happy eating!


One thought on “selection sunday & march madness

  1. Ha Ha! Someone at ESPN linked my post to an article about how picking your bracket is not exactly a science. It’s linked to the words “sole secretary in the pool.” Seriously, I beat most of the office every year just by picking close calls with mascot comparisons.

    Also, ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, K – U !!!

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