fried chicken & waffles

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04.26.2011 by Andrea

dinner is served

I have been eating, and eating, and eating some more. This weekend alone I partook in a sheep feast, at Marrakesh, an authentic Hawaiian spread crafted together by my friend, and then last night a homemade Chinese themed dinner that was out of this world.

I have loads to write about and what better way to compliment my blogging then to be eating. I am indulging in a tuna melt. The second in two days mind you. Inspired by my friend Mrs. W who mixes a bit of lite caesar dressing with dill and tops it with a fresh tomato slice, a long chat with my friend Shaun that also included talk of a tuna melt, and in homage to my friend CB who is a local police officer, and was discussing the idea of blogging about his tuna melts that he eats on a fairly frequent basis. Mine is relatively simple, hearty multigrain bread [toasted – of course], open faced, a light mayo and super extra sharp cheddar cheese to top it off.

tuna time! compliments of Mrs. W!

To rewind in the catch up process I have to go with a meal that kicked off a month of fabulous eating. We called it the final supper because it was precisely one week before 11 pals and myself walked onboard a weeklong cruise that offered up too many options of things too eat. It was the last workout/dinner combo we were going to have together before embarking on the high seas.
A few weeks ago, several friends and I decided to paint the town red with a dinner and comedy show combo. It was a fun evening for sure. Dinner was at Ventana, and the menu was tantalizing. Everything sounded delicious, and I can’t wait to go back for happy hour so that I can further explore a couple of the items that nobody at the table broached. One person, ordered the chicken and waffles combo. Fresh fried chicken, atop of a cheddar waffle, with a dollop of mashed potatoes. It sounded divine. I have had my share of chicken and waffles. Most notably in LA when I visit Roscoe’s the true originator of this unique combination for my tasting experience. I also had a more upscale version of this at a bistro in Seattle. It was good, but perhaps lacked a bit of the dirty greasy spoon flavor that Roscoe’s does so well. Ventana’s entree was so tasty according to my friend Mr. S. that it got the ball rolling in my friend Mr. W’s head. Could we possibly do the same thing with his tabletop fryer? YES! And it was good! So good that I keep smacking my lips and smiling to myself when I think of this meal – which was over a month ago. Mr. & Mrs. W put together a phenomenal pairing. They dipped, battered, and found an amazing Louisiana fry mix [that was the right mix of salty and flavorful]. Mr. & Mrs. S brought over their dual waffle maker that cooks two at a time, so we were pumping out waffles, smelling fried chicken and rubbing our bellies in anticipation of what was to come. Mrs. W threw in a shirred egg and that was the perfect compliment.

my first time having a shirred egg - amazing!

I will admit, I am THAT girl. The one who has her fingers in the salad bowl, the first to lick the batter off the cake bowl, and the only one who decided I need a little taster to certify whether or not the chicken was ready to go. As you can imagine, I get shooed out of the kitchen more often than not. The taster alone only indicated what was to come.
The meal was a hit. Once everyone had dished up little to no conversation was taking place as we were all finger lickin’, lip smackin’ and nodding a general consensus that this was gooood. Should I have been eating fried chicken a week before I was to appear in a bathing suit for 7 days in a row? Probably not. Did all thoughts of healthy eating, and working out fly out the window the minute I cut into my waffle? Absolutely! The meal was divine and I can’t wait to re-visit it again!

More blogs post are churning out this week. Stay tuned for cruising and eating, and all the aforementioned meals at the beginning of the post. I am also tempted to try one of my favorite entrees at Purple Cafe this week, the baked lobster mac & cheese, to continue my quest to find the perfect dish of m & c. Stay tuned for a food roller coaster, I think that I touched nearly every continent recently in my eating tour.

cheers & happy eating.

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