neighborhood nuggets: brave horse tavern

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05.21.2011 by Andrea

My friend AM just saw the dawning of his 41st year arrive. In true AM fashion after a month of celebrations and libations last year to welcome his 4th decade he decided kickstart this year in style. I was excited to see he picked a trendy little hotspot in South Lake Union that I’d been dying to try. TD or T.Doug as some of my friends and I like to reference him as [Tom Douglas for everyone else] has launched a new trio of eateries in the historic brick blocks of South Lake Union. A couple of months ago he did a preview by way of pop-up restaurants to get the sampling started.

Conceptually TD is on to something, he is located right next to Amazons newest campus and has married the cool trio of: Italian fare [Cuoco], dumpling house [Ting Momo], and trendy new afterwork hot spot, Brave Horse Tavern, together in a way most restauranteurs wouldn’t envision.

Brave Horse Tavern, the only one of the three I’ve stepped foot into was hopping. Shuffleboard was being played, a communal seating setup where everyone was immersed in conversation, and the bar was shoulder to shoulder. On a Wednesday! The interior feels warm and lodgy as if I just skiied down the mountain for the last time and tumbled right into the pub. Beware of the beveled wood countertop at the bartop. The design is beautiful but I saw a couple of pints fall to their deaths as people unassumingly placed their drinks on the sloping edge. I wasn’t super hungry but did take a bite of the chicken fried turkey burger and it was divine. The bar menu is my first time seeing such creativity and innovation for munchies and comfort food arrive on the Westside since I’ve been going to Lot No. 3 in Bellevue.

Good pick AM, I’m already recruiting others to join me for my next visit.

As always happy eating, see you at the next bite.


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