you had me at lobster


05.21.2011 by Andrea

Last week had a chance to re-introduce my mouth and belly to something so rich it might be sinful. Lobster Mac & Cheese at Purple Cafe. I don’t even peer at menu to see if there is anything else I like, I just go with gusto. It never disappoints, really should be eaten by two, and if it’s ever removed from the menu I might consider forking myself in the eye. I dove into the portion like it could be my last and didn’t come up for air for a few blissful moments. The eyes didn’t quite shut, but a glazed look might have come over my face. The world stops when I eat this. Run, don’t walk to your nearest Purple. But know if there is only one serving left, I will go fork to fork to battle out who gets it.

As a sidenote I recently had a sun-breaking, clouds parting, music swelling type of realization that I have a huge crush on the Heavy Restaurant Groups trifecta of restaurants. Between Barrio, Purple, and Lot No. 3 I am in on culinary cloud nine. Take swing through one or all three, they are all worth a gander.

Until the next bite, cheers.


2 thoughts on “you had me at lobster

  1. I wonder if my grandson would eat this? Looks and sounds great.

    • Andrea says:

      @Georgette you’ll have to try it and let me know. have you ever tried whipping up cauliflower and serving it as mashed potatoes? that’s a great one for kids as well!

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