foodshots from friends go cruising


05.26.2011 by Andrea

I have taken way too long to post all these delicious pics. Words can’t describe how much fun the twelve of us had on the cruise. We sampled every onboard tasty treat that was offered to us, sometimes multiple times! From breakfast to bedtime we never went hungry. Special thanks to Mrs. W and JJ for capturing all these bites!

Now presenting a pictorial showcase of some of my favorite food shots:

rise 'n shine it's breakfast time

my favorite food picture of the trip

the most popular dessert at our table by far - chocolate molten lava cake

baked Alaska!

my favorite dessert - the cheese plate!

We had a fabulous trip, can’t wait for our next one — 22 months and counting!

2 thoughts on “foodshots from friends go cruising

  1. Rama says:

    The Neapolitan’s presentation is rad! Mmm, love choco lava cake!

  2. Ben Hoefer says:

    Nice to see my nipple made the blog! Agreed on the Neapolitan, can’t believe I missed that. Way to capture the tasters Dre!

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