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06.17.2011 by Andrea

a welcome escape from sulky Seattle weather

“I have lost all ability to cope with Seattle’s weather,” I commiserated to my friend I call dot-com. We were sampling the Alaskan Brewing Company Summer Ale up in Anchorage, Alaska and had swung through Fairbanks earlier that day, where the high was 74 toasty degrees.

I am not usually uber grumbly about the miserly weather in the pacNW, mainly because I’ve grown up in it. I should be used to it. Accepting of it. But this year I’m not.

In fact, I was telling my roommate that this, living in Seattle, is much akin to being in a dysfunctional relationship. I mean I keep waiting, holding my breathe for “it” to get better. Epic fail. Stormy moods and then flirty sun breaks that has everyone giddy. Warm morning as you rollover, stretch, and rise for a new day? Suddenly you’ll find all systems are a go, strangers are smiling and chatting each other up in the grocery store line, and then on dime it all changes. I have to face the music: Seattle just isn’t that into me.

Here is what it boils down to:

a]: I choose to live in the pacNW, if I really wanted to I could exit stage left rapidly and transfer my job down to the beckoning sunshine known as SoCal. I’ve done that once, and realized that while I loved seeing and feeling the sun, I didn’t instantly acclimate like I thought I would and missed the fresh air of the NW. Not to say that I won’t cast my line down there again.

b]: I don’t really have a right to complain as I get to leave Seattle, with great regularity, and haven’t had to stay silently suffering with the day-to-day mood swings.

c]: Blissful summers are really around the corner. No, really! Well I hope so, because we are due for a great summer. After summer we roll into football season, and then down the straightaway to the frenzy of March Madness, which then routes us back to fun Fridays at Safeco Field.

So while I sulk about Seattle [which currently is my favorite way to describe my mood about Seattle’s June gloom], my business travels have lead me up north to the glorious state of Alaska. When I was younger my parents took a cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage and I recall my little brother and I guffawing at the idea of cruising through what we presumed to be an icy, cold, remote, and desolate vacation destination. Boy, do I have to bite my tongue and eat my words now!

My bucket list has a myriad of items to be ticked off that pertain to this great state. One such activity was getting to attend the start of Iditarod 39 with some gal pals and colleagues in March. It was beautiful and fun, the perfect kind of day where lifelong memories are formed. That weekend one of my friends had mentioned checking out Snow City Cafe when we were up there but the idea was tabled since we figured the most popular breakfast joint in town would be jam-packed at the start of the most glorious winter sled race of the year.

start of Iditarod 39 with dot-com & NJ

It wasn’t until I was up in Anchorage again a few weeks ago with an open morning that the thought to check out said cafe permeated my mind. I rang another co-worker and we set off on the two block jaunt from our hotel.

Bells, whistles, and sirens went off as I glanced at the menu. Everything sounded delicious. We were sitting at the bar top. Somehow mismatched coffee mugs, vintage formica, plastic plates, and the inability for anyone to order a mimosa until 8 am [state rules] all worked together harmoniously. I was leaning towards the plate that had a little bit of everything on it. I think the name alone Heart Attack on a Plate with a Veggie Bypass, was what reeled me in. But in the end a fresh crabby omelet was just what the doctor ordered. The flavors were delicious and the portion was large enough that with an additional side of toast we were able to split the entree and walk out feeling pleasantly full.

half a portion of the crabby omelet breakfast

That evening when I returned to Seattle I saw that the first run of copper river salmon was due in the next morning. Amidst all of the fanfare, this means that good fresh fish will be readily available up North. If you don’t get a chance to taste it up there then make sure to swing by John Howie Steak, he’s doing some creative finessing with his fresh fish deliveries.

I’m wishing and hoping that Seattle will whip out the sunshine for a long term streak. Until then I will be contemplating where I can go and soak up some sun!

until the next bite – cheers!


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