home run hits from the boys of summer

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06.20.2011 by Andrea

For whatever reason lately power ballads and limericky little ditties, amongst other things, have been floating through my mental song library and sticking – for days.

Clamoring to know the top 5 songs on a continuous loop? You know I love sharing. For no particular reason or order:

1]: Total Eclipse of the Heart [Bonnie Tyler], I think I heard the Glee version when listening to Slacker Radio, which has also recently played the Dan Band version of it as well. I am destined to have it stuck in my head.

2]: Hold On [Wilson Phillips], which comes from laughing hysterically at the movie Bridesmaids

3]: My Heart Will Go On [Titanic/Celine Dion]. This is random, don’t ask, because I don’t know.

4.] Mournfully so, I also have Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” on perma-repeat, but at least it’s the Stephen Colbert version. Portland Radio Personality Kristina with a K says in her vlog, that it sounds suspiciously like Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” Listen at your own risk.

5.] Don Henley’s Boys of Summer. Which is a perfect anthem to this specific post.

I have been percolating on this goodie for a couple months now. Two good friends of mine have been feeding me, literally, blog material that has been fantastic.

Chef JW [who along with his wife Mrs. W] feeds me weekly. I’ve previously mentioned that the countertop deep fryer has been a big hit. Spring has sprung as recently he segued into Asian cuisine. I had a multi-course meal right before I departed for Europe and then have had a cornucopia of flavors to sample upon my return. Just to give to you an idea of what JW has tackled recently: General Tsao’s chicken, assistance in serving freshly fried crab wontons [thanks K & K], thai chicken wraps, curried chicken skewers served with two fresh homemade peanut sauces, grilled shrimp alongside pineapple sprinkled with cayenne pepper and cilantro, crab avocado towers, hot and cold spring rolls of the shrimp and pork varietal, shrimp pad thai, and several ambitious desserts. It’s no wonder I gain most of my weight during the summer. The eating is good!

happy chef

general Tsao's chicken renamed to General J's chicken

chicken curry skewers & grilled shrimp - go dawgs!

shrimp & pork spring rolls

crab avocado stacks & shrimp pad thai

banana spring rolls

Crossing the waters to Pacific Island Cuisine Coach N has prepared some authentic feasts for us as well. The weekend that I stuffed myself with sheep, was also the weekend that JW launched the season of Asian cuisine and Coach N hosted us at his home and made everything you see below by hand, ALONE. He is known for hustling on the volleyball courts, but this meal was definitely a bump, set, spike sequence that had everyone in a food coma. Ever better, N said that he would teach us all how to make our own sushi. I can’t wait for that cooking seminar to come around this summer.

homemade spam musubi

best noodle salad ever

kahlua pork

I might be sulking about Seattle weather, but I am definitely grinning ear to ear with all the meals that I have been able to partake in. With the Mariners sitting above .500 [currently], and these two chefs cooking up a storm I can’t wait to see what’s cooking between now and Labor Day. I’ve said it before, and it only rings more true as I look at these pictures, and recall the meals – I’m spoiled. Good food, and good people is a combination that rarely goes awry. These two gent’s are certainly serving up grand slams in the kitchen!

Until the next bite – which happens to be fried macaroni & cheese balls and a turkey feast in June. cheers!


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