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06.24.2011 by Andrea

best pace partner ever!

A hearty good luck to all who are racing in the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll half or full marathon tomorrow. What a great endeavor, I am sending positive thoughts in all y’alls direction – for cool weather, easy transportation to and from start line to finish line and back home again, and no blisters. I have had my day of reckoning and am currently acknowledging that for right now half marathons [I can’t even fathom a full or ultra] and I aren’t compatible. So I retired. That’s right, look for me at 5k’s with the promise of breakfast afterwards, or at the end of the half/full marathon line waving cheerily, but I am not busting out any smooth [well lets be honest herky jerky] moves for awhile. MJ came out of retirement, I have the right to change my mind too!
In the meantime what I can do is be a trusty and reliable support staff for those who want to train in their pre-race eating. No, I’m not a professional. I just know how to ingest food at a caloric rate that is meant for those running 26.2 miles.
Thanks to Groupon, a few weeks ago my pal AK and I ventured down the streets of Belltown to get our grub on. Our chosen eatery? Belltown Pub. We’ve eaten there before, but this time I wasn’t holding back. If it looked good I wanted to try it. First thing that struck my fancy was Mac & Cheese Balls. They might as well of put my face right next to the picture because my name was written all over this appetizer. As delicious as they sounded they looked and tasted even better!!!

ready for round two, please!

I thought I had hit the jackpot with our first round and was leaning towards something a bit more healthy for my second when I spied the entree that took the cake. Open Face Turkey Sandwich. I had cravings so strong that you might have thought I hadn’t had turkey since the beginning of time. Ironically I had just eaten at 6-inch turkey sub for lunch. I know that I love stuffing [or dressing – depending on what part of the country you hail from], I keep a box on call, or rally friends to pick some up if I my inventory is at zero. Perhaps it was the cornbread and chorizo combo! I can’t quite tell you what drew me in, but I was taken – hook, line, and sinker. Nothing else sounded quite as appealing, and let me tell you – the first bite until the finish exceeded expectations. You’ve heard the ad campaigns for Christmas in July, I am pretty sure this was like having a mini Thanksgiving in June.
Turns out my eating partner who opted for the BLTA had said should I not have ordered it, he was planning on doing so. I must say the addition of sprouts added a nice pep to the BLTA

turkey feast in June!

chorizo and cornbread stuffing

the other sandwich

That’s a wrap for this week, happy Friday. In the meantime, if you need a pre-race eating partner, I’m your woman. Otherwise, I will see you at the next Turkey Trot.

Happy Eating, and go get ’em runners! cheers.


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