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07.07.2011 by Andrea

Aloha! Since I have been so insistent on chasing the sun, I got a little overly exuberant and now instead of laying poolside in Maui, I am huddled up in my room, slathering on aloe vera and body butter because I laid out for far too long. I feel like you could fry bacon off my burning hot body. Enough visual descriptions, I trust that everyone had a dandy fourth of July weekend. The sun was shining, the water was jam packed with boats, and Seattle decided to show her summery ways. Since I have griped enough about the Emerald City in the past few posts, I thought I would introduce one of the things that made me fall in love with the city. While Portland has a stronger food cart culture, Seattle has some late night joints that aren’t to be discounted. Nothing is worse than leaving a birthday party, a major dance-off, or a ball game and not knowing where to get your next meal. Here are a few of my favorites if you’re prowling the streets of Seattle during the wee hours.

Every girl needs a partner in crime. For the past couple of years when we have danced up a storm at local favorite the Frontier Room, my roomie JJ has never once stopped me from the quick jaunt across the street to visit Taco Del Mar. It has rarely disappointed. Even better, it is a locally owned establishment.

mission style tacos

Another great cornerstone for Seattle late night eats is Dick’s. It’s what Burgerville is to Portland and In ‘n’ Out is to California. Also locally owned, it’s a cash only establishment that makes this girl happy. Two cheeseburgers, a french fry, with a rootbeer float is my typical order. What I wouldn’t do for a Dick’s burger right now. I was introduced to Dick’s after my first Seahawks game as a Seattle resident over 5 years, and it has never let me down.

A Seattle mainstay since 1954, it has serviced many generations with the same clean flavors, and hearty portions. A new locations is going up in in the north end [Edmonds].

Speaking of games, if you happen to be catching a Sounders game, or evening Mariner’s game a couple of block away is Temple Billiards. I swung through there with my friend Hoef [and his posse] a few weeks ago, and had an excellent pizza. It was muy delicioso. We opted for the Lil’ Mama and it had enough zip and spice to hit the spot. Also in the downtown quadrant is Owl n’ Thistle, which is one of the most authentic Irish Pubs in all of Seattle. Everything on their happy hour menu is good!

Finally don’t forget the 1st avenue hot dog vendor [he offers a full condiment bar with cream cheese and all the toppings you can imagine], not always my first choice but a fan favorite amongst my friends. I like to hop through Belltown Pizza, where single slices are heavily discounted and if breakfast is tickling your palate don’t forget Beth’s Cafe [near Greenlake] where the the ability to order a dozen egg omelette is always an option and the hashbrowns are bottomless. Looking for something to satiate everyone? Plop your bodies down at Mecca Cafe in Queen Anne. You get the full meal deal here on this menu. Finally an underrated spot that locals know of but many don’t venture: Dino’s of Renton. Their sweet potato fries are legit!

I feel like I am just scratching the surface of late night goodies. What are ones that I forgot in Seattle, or winners in other cities I should make sure to grace???

Until the next bite, I will be aloe’ing up! Cheers & Happy Eating.


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