neighborhood nuggets: ballard blocks


07.25.2011 by Andrea

Recently I have found myself going to Ballard, a lot. As in twice – in a day. One for lunch with my friend AC at Thai-Ku. I was absolutely freezing from digging in a garden for a couple of hours and decided nothing could warm my belly like Thai. A few hours later I was perched on a bench, eyeing the Skee Ball game at King’s Hardware, and ingesting sweet potato fries like there was no tomorrow. 2 days prior I had dined at Senor Moose and had what I am declaring some of the best Mexican food that I have had in Washington. Sorry Muchas Gracias. In the past month as I glance my calendar, I have slurped my way through an entire Tasting Menu at Staple & Fancy, toasted a birthday or two at Bal Mar, shook my hips on the dance floor at Shelter, dined on beautiful food at Bastille, inhaled a burger at The Counter, and scarfed down a plate of nachos at none other than The Matador. I must admit, Ballard has it going on. They recently played host to the 37th annual Ballard SeafoodFest, and while I didn’t get my claws dirty in all that is under the sea, my friend and her husband did, and walked away with rave reviews. It will definitely anchor their summer food festival tour in the future. Ironically enough, the music playing in the background as I pen this post is from a recent open mic in Ballard, at Conor Byrne, that featured LA songwriter Sam Behymer.

This isn’t so much a longwinded tome about everything that I have eaten recently, because that certainly would take far too long. It’s just more a query. What are some of your favorite Ballard joints? I’m loving the Walrus and the Carpenter this week. But, where else should I add to my repertoire???

Also, this is now a plea. The word on the street is that there is a grilled cheese street cart in Seattle. I have attempted to google it, know of two people who have sampled it, and if by chance you know anything about this amazingly dreamy invention breathed into life, will you please leave a comment with the details? I’m on a hunt to find said street cart.

Until the next bite, cheers.


2 thoughts on “neighborhood nuggets: ballard blocks

  1. Rama says:

    So you must workout, right?! Say yes so I won’t be jealous 🙂

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