fun lunch friday: salumi


07.29.2011 by Andrea

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood and an even better day in Seattle.

Why, you might ask. Well, here is the skinny for the day:

First and foremost it is Friday!!! A gorgeous Friday at that. Seafair is just around the corner, friends are arriving from far off places, and lots of jubilant announcements have taken place in the past week!

Second, the NFL season is on, and in Uncle Pete we trust because he has already made a huge amount of roster changes. As sad as I am to see the Hasselbeck era end, I’m extremely excited to see Jake Locker flourish under his tutelage in Tennessee and wouldn’t have wanted to see any other pairing there.

Thirdly, we are in the double digits counting down to college football. The tailgating ideas are already beginning to flow. Luau anyone? Come join us when the Dawgs take on Hawaii.

Finally, fun lunch Friday has arrived and I, along with two of my mates, including one who flew in from Australia and another foodie pal sampled the goods at Salumi!

I have been craving fresh Italian cured meats since I got back from Italy. I tried to eat some prosciutto from Traders Joe and it just hasn’t qualified as the same as what is produced from the Motherland. I was scheming about getting some deli goods from Boston when I head back there in August. Then, like a cartoon-ish cloud, came my “aha” moment. Mario Battali’s father runs a fabulous artisan cured meats deli in Seattle. Lunch is only served Tuesday through Friday for a limited window of time. Each time I have pondered going it has either been closed, or the line so long that I haven’t had the time to sample goods. A friend was coming into town from Australia, via train in Vancouver, and it was going to be lunch time. I pondered taking her to Marination Mobile but then decided what sounds better than soaking up the Seattle sunshine, wandering to Occidental Park, talking to three of the the five horse mounted Seattle police officers, all with a delicious sandwich in hand? Not much.

45 minutes in a line passes pretty quickly when samples are frequently being handed out and you’re chatting with friends. Almost too quickly, because I failed to look at the menu, then all of a sudden I was at the counter, trying to make decision. With so many good choices ahead of me, a tourist with a guidebook behind me – impatiently tapping her foot because this was business time to her, I hurriedly ordered the muffo. A sandwich with olive tapenade and fresh meats. Both of my accomplices ordered the salumi sandwich layered with fresh meat, your choice of cheese – the fresh mozzarella was too die for, and then some flavorful Italian condiments, onions, peppers. End of story. Out of this world. Game over. However you want to say it, both of them saved half of their sammies. Me? I devoured that sandwich, and was ready for another one. White flour powdered my face, and I was a content little kitty. I am already plotting my next stop through there. Who’s game???

the muffo

the salumi sando

Until next time, enjoy the weather, the weekend, and your next bite. cheers.


4 thoughts on “fun lunch friday: salumi

  1. Yum! Sounds so delish I want to jump through the pages and eat this sandwich asap. We are (well, I was) so fortunate to have killer food in the NW.

  2. Lynn says:

    I have wanted to get to Salumi and sample the fare for sooooo long! The photos are fantastic and my mouth is watering! You might remember my motto “salty meat is a treat!!” One day, I will follow in your footsteps and enjoy the hand crafted cured meats!

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