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08.21.2011 by Andrea

Three weeks goes by so quickly! It’s hard to believe that I can pack so many great meals and creative experiences with fabulous people in that timeframe!

Rewind to where we last left off. My friend, who was in town from Australia, spent the night at my casa before heading East to the best outdoor venue, the Gorge, to see Soundgarden perform. One day, in the not so near future, I would like to plan and host a meal [looking for co-hosts – anyone?]. In the meantime my friend KB saved my bacon! We grocery shopped and then she came over and whipped up a fabulous brunch. My new go-to grocery store find is the Trader Joe’s Hollandaise sauce. For $2.99 this little tub is heavenly! KB went big, I felt like with all the pans that she had on the stovetop we were in the midst of a Top Chef quickfire. Plainly stated, she was amazing.

Eggs Benedict California style, complete with avocado, tomato, hearty bacon slices, and hashbrown patties.

Later that evening I headed out Snoqualmie Falls, my first time viewing them in person, and got to celebrate the surprise engagement of my Atlanta pals, J and T! It was a grand evening. My friend H and I left the newly engaged couple to cheers in The Dining Room, at the Lodge, and we nestled down in the comfy coziness of The Attic.

photo credit: salish lodge

A round of the Dungeness Crab and Artichoke Dip hit the spot, plus all of us Attic patrons were serenaded to an acoustic guitar playing session. A quick swing through the dance floor at Club Sno with the engaged duo and her family, capped off a great evening. Congrats J & T, thanks for letting us be a part of your evening.

The seafood is always delicious in Seattle at this time of year. So, later that week when I headed down to Chambers Bay to lunch with my talented photographer friend Rebecca E, I was excited to sample the creativity the chef of this premier golf course had conceived. The day was gorgeous, and the food even more so. I started on what was going to be the first of three taco samplings that day. I opted to eat the Pacific Cod Tacos, which were tasty but they didn’t hold a torch to the amazing Dungeness Crab Melt. It tasted as good as I imagine a hole in one feels. Conversation stalled as we both ate it because it was so melt-in-your mouth delicious. I’m so glad that we had discussed splitting entrees before they arrived at the table because I don’t know if I would have been so apt to share had I chosen the melt. The meal and view were breathtaking, but the company, conversation, and laughter was even better.

best lunch of the month!

Since I was “down South” I was able to coordinate a stop at a wedding dress boutique with J, her mum, and sis. It was so much fun to watch both girls try on vastly different individual styles and ponder future dresses that they will say “I Do” in. Then it was off to Masa for more tacos, and a birthday celebration with my partners in crime at work N & C. These are the same gals who I went to the start of the Iditarod with. We immediately ascended to the rooftop of this cozy cantina to soak up the sunshine. Chips and guac are always a must with us, but I also was pleased with the smoked pork taco. It always feels like a bonus to truly enjoy the people that you work with, when it evolves to great friendships outside of work you feel like you hit the jackpot! It was the perfect cap to a day down in Tacoma.

That would normally be enough eating for the average Joe, but I was bound and determined to get one more meal in. My friend CD had her birthday dinner at Joey’s on South Lake Union, and my friend L was more that generous in sharing her chicken tacos with me. Superb.

In the midst of all this whirlwind eating, the W’s hosted another Sunday dinner, and JW re-created the Purple chopped salad. I just had it again Saturday night, and have to say that I am on team JW for this one. He has perfected his version.

Sidenote, while at PC last night, some of the gals I was with, we were keeping it classy for a bachelorette party, found that they have continued to dominate in their salted caramel dessert. If you didn’t know, now you know. Yet another item to lengthen your list of entrees, small bites, and desserts to sample at PC.

In a meal that has been a long awaited.

The biggest WSU Cougar fan I know, LN, had relocated to North Seattle, about a year ago. He purchased and remodeled a condo and has been perfecting his home cooking skills. We finally were able to nail down a date for dinner and to talk college football. L made a perfect meal. Bacon wrapped steaks, baked potatoes, and a tasty garden salad with apple slices, sharp cheddar, dressed with balsamic dressing. Thanks L!

Can’t wait to hear what you dream up for your crockpot during the tailgating season. And, I will be back to use your vintage Snoopy Sno Cone machine! Awesome find of the summer!

You would think after that exhausting list of restaurants I wouldn’t have had much more time to feed my tummy. There are a few goodies left. Another round at Brave Horse Tavern, turned out a win, and then Zeeks has introduced a few new pizzas. Half Buffalo Soldier, and the Yeti equals pizza perfection.

We are now within 2 weeks of the best day of Fall. The Husky Football season kickoff is on 9/3 versus National Champions Eastern Washington Eagles. My roommate and I warmed up our group with a pre-season BBQ/benefit this past weekend supporting the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. It’s a cause that is near and dear to her heart and there was a terrific turnout. Thanks for walking for the cause, JJ and JW! Also, many huzzahs to all who showed up, summertime is such a busy season, it was great to see each and every one of y’all!

I think that is a wrap for this week. Sorry to be so wordy. I am still searching for this ambiguous grilled cheese street cart in Seattle. USA Today did a feature about food carts a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping that upon my return to Seattle this week the Eat St. app might be able to serve it’s purpose and locate said elusive cuisine.

Until the next bite. cheers & g’night.


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