confessions of a cheese-a-holic


09.01.2011 by Andrea

I. Heart. Cheese.

In all forms. I didn’t realize how in-depth my rapport ran with this food favorite of mine until I was at Trader Joe’s and a 1/3 of the groceries that were bagged were in some shape or form – cheese.

If you haven’t hopped onto the coupon craze bandwagon, you might be one of the only ones! Recently I had to wean myself off of checking Groupon, LivingSocial, Tippr, Rue La La, and a whole host of other experience saving sites before I even rolled out of bed. I have been found guilty of purchasing some of these coupons and then not using them, even when I have a year which to do so. Through all these sites I have gotten to do a lot of cheese consumption.

Recently a major highlight was unexpected, but something I am dying to replicate. Fall paninis, and savory soups here we come. Bustle on the top of Queen Anne has a savory treat that is unbeatable. Meet the Honey Sage Butter Grilled Cheese Sandwich with the option of bacon. I said yes to bacon, of course. Not too large, but not too small, this sandwich left me wanting more. I had to demonstrate restraint, a rarity when it comes to something so good. Thanks J for treating me! I can’t wait to go back. The recipe and backstory from the picture featured below is inspiring!

photo credit: Taste of Oregon

Sidenote, great staff at Bustle. The gentleman behind the counter, was fantastic at tempting and tantalizing us with their food selections, as well as suggesting great beverages for us to drink. That alone made me want to come back. They also grow herbs outside the cafe that are utilized in their sandwiches. Grow local, eat local.

Last Tuesday evening when my friend CP and I ventured off of 1st avenue, we went to Clever Bottle in Belltown, and did their Market Tour that featured nuts, meats from Salumi, and local cheeses. On the same side of the street as Mama’s and the Crocodile, this intimate spot is cozy, filled with chatter, and gives a strong nod to using local, everything!!! I’m not usually one who tries a lot of sweets, but I must give accolades to their Chocolate Goat Cheese Truffle. So rich, you only need one bite.

My certificate was set to expire last weekend and my schedule was jam packed, so we were well within the “use it or lose it zone.” Let me tell you, I’m so glad that it didn’t go to waste. Several others surrounding us also seemed to have the same idea. I’ll be back Clever Bottle, there is lots more tempting me to sample.

photo credit: Clever Bottle

Last Friday, my pal CC hosted an Obscure Red Wine & Stinky Cheese Party. Her appetizers were to die for, and we were right on the water near Alki. Her equation for fun was simple, she and her husband B provided the finger foods and each guest brought a bottle of red cloaked in a brown bag that rang in under $20. Combine the people, view, and of course some stinky cheeses, I think I’ll try to host a soiree like this myself. Thanks for having us over C & B, it was fabulous.

With all of these friendly cheese stops, the finale just brought everything back to basics. Nachos!!! In preparation for the the tailgate, and after unveiling the menu for this week — hello, Korean Marinated Flanks Steaks, we sampled two large platters of nachos. One with a southwestern feel, and one more traditional. We ate all that we could, left them on the table, and the lo and behold, an hour later I was grazing. Shocker!!!

traditional nachos

southwestern style nachos

It’s been a busy week, I’m going to retire for the night. Looking forward to enjoying the holiday weekend. Saturday I will be down at Husky Stadium getting ready to watch the Dawgs take on Eastern. Tailgate Tidbits will return next week! Looking forward a great game.

Also, any favorite cheeses that I should make sure to try? I’m open to anything!

Play safe, stay safe. Until the next bite. Cheers.


4 thoughts on “confessions of a cheese-a-holic

  1. cyn says:

    Thanks for the shout out DG. BTW, you were a hit when my husband showed the photos to his class. “Who’s THAT girl?”

    So glad you could make it. You brighten every room you enter…even when it’s an airplane.

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