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09.09.2011 by Andrea

rise & shine it's tailgate time!

The Huskies ushered in the home opener of the 2011 season with a dramatic finish. It was a nailbiter, thank goodness for the athletic prowess of Desmond Trufant, otherwise a perfect Seattle day would have been ruined. We got the win but it was certainly in sloppy fashion. I am hoping that when we take on Hawaii tomorrow we will be primed after the tongue lashing Sark gave the team. Kudos to special teams for coming up big for us.

The explosive movement I was hoping to see on the field may not have transpired, but our kickoff to tailgating was out of this world. Mrs. W released the menu early in the week and mouths were salivating. Korean Marinated Flank Steaks, Potato Salad Stacks, Caesar Salad, Fruit Kabobs, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.

chef JW carving the steaks

potato salad stacks

the entire spread

Bangerang! A Hook movie reference for those of you who haven’t heard that in a few years! The meat was marinated to perfection, and the potato stacks with our twist [lightly grilled and then layered with hardboiled egg, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, dill dressing, and chives] were a flavor explosion!

Tomorrow we have our favorite Hawaii alum, guest chef’ing with our team this week. He was just over on the islands, and is bringing his local flavor and flair to spice things up. It will be fast and furious, the game is at 12:30 PST and we are rolling into the parking lot with no less than 7 cars at 6am to get the party started. Another season has begun, let’s hope we shook out the summer cobwebs on field and get another W.

A couple fun things I saw this week that piqued my interest. A mobile food rodeo is heating up next weekend in the Interbay neighborhood. Groupon ran a special this week. Giddyup, sounds right up my alley, I am hoping to make some sampling rounds. Sounds delicious, and maybe this grilled cheese cart will become less a figment of my imagination! In homage to SNL Ben & Jerry’s released a new flavor. Let me know if you find it in stores, and what you think of it. Seattle weather reportedly has been fantastic all weeklong. As the end of the summer season is beginning to settle in I had the opportunity to enjoy a salute to summer supper this past Monday. I’ll be blogging about that early next week. Fresh flavors and great wines were involved!

Oh, by the way, if anyone knows where I can pick up some pineapple jello before dawn tomorrow will you leave me a note? I have searched high and low, and in several states and know it’s not a figment of my imagination. Thanks! Also, if you happen to be in Vancouver, WA the 40th annual Sausage Fest sponsored by St. Joseph’s Catholic School, is taking place. Look for my favorite curly haired Italian, BA, there. He usually makes it there every day of the fest. I think that is a wrap for now.

photo credit: Niccole W

until the next bite. cheers.


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