passing the baton. leaving a legacy.


09.15.2011 by Andrea

my grandmothers custom scrabble board

Disclaimer, while celebratory this post is a heavier serving than normal.

Another tuna melt and another game of scrabble with my Gram took place this week. I won. She conceded, playfully pouted, and then quickly turned the tables on me and asked when I was going to deliver her a basket of great-grandchildren. Verbatim: “when are you going to loosen up, start being spontaneous, and spawning little babies?” I laughed, and told her she was barking up the wrong tree, my little brother is in charge of taking that one by the horns. She’s spicy, that one. Apparently my grandmother wants a young fresh generation to run afoot, I told the Assistant Manager at her retirement community to keep bringing her newly birthed little guy around so that it will pacify my Gram for a bit.

Speaking of nuggets, my bestie and her husband, who are nearing the 1 year anniversary of saying “I Do” are expecting a little package at the beginning of the year. Being that she is a planner there was no way they were going to wait to see what the gender of Baby B was going to be. I had been feeling strongly that it was a boy, and was hoping that there wouldn’t be any blockage on the day of the big reveal/ultrasound. Call me a Baby Whisperer because it’s going to be a boy. They had both sides of the family over for dinner that night, and then had everyone bite into a cupcake and the color of the frosting indicated the gender.

it's a boy!

All these moments, amongst others, as a few more friends revealed they are also carrying/housing/incubating precious cargo in the past few weeks, has certainly been exciting. Families starting legacies, my Gram wanting to share her legacy with another generation, and then a few special people in my life who are creating legacies.

Starting tomorrow my roommate and one of her sorority sisters, alongside thousands of other people, will begin the Seattle 3-Day Walk. The quest for finding a cure is deeply personal to JJ and JW and this will their third year participating. When you consider 1 in 8 women are going to be affected by this, it makes it personal. If you happen to have some time and are around or near the 60 mile path, cheer the girls on.

JW & JJ - Team 60 Miles is a Latte

In conjunction with the cure for breast cancer, a gal I know recently launched a clothing line, VLV style, that has several special edition pink ribbon t-shirts. The proceeds from the t-shirts support the 3-Day Walk.

One of my dearest set of siblings-friends are watching as their Mom is nearing her last days. Family and friends have gathered around and celebrated her, shared memories, and created a community of support. Reading A’s blog was certainly eye opening. Joy has created a legacy with her children, grandchildren, friends, and family.

beautiful mother-daugther duo, Joy & Nicci

Legacies have been left and created all around me. Young Luke, little Bella, and my group of best guy friends rallying around their fraternity brother, Kyle, in college, and creating a foundation in his honor. They just had their 4th annual Golf Tournament this summer.

Both Luke and my pals AB’s cancer pal, Bella, benefited from Children’s Cancer Association down in Portland. Luke’s legacy has spiraled into an outpouring of community support and now a sports complex is being constructed and named after him. Luke’s Lego-cy to celebrate him was this past May and he continues to touch lives.

Luke & his family

Two women, one, LV, who authors one of the wittiest blogs ever, along with a husband deployed over in Iraq, [leading a legacy], and another, my sister-friend N, featured in the picture with her sweet mother Joy and photographer of Luke’s family photo, created a non-profit that allows photographers to volunteer their time and talent to capture special moments and lasting memories for families battling cancer. Lens of Hope is touching lives, and celebrating life, one snapshot at a time.

It’s interesting that through all of this, swirling around in my personal life, the 10th anniversary of 9/11 came and past. My friend AM poignantly stated on Sunday: “I am well aware that today is a day of remembrance. However it is also my mother’s birthday. There are many that celebrate their birthdays on September 11th or December 7th for that matter. Today is still a wonderful day as the world became a better place when she came into it.” Such a great way to put a twist on a somber day. I was equally inspired by a group of men featured in USA Today honoring their friends who perished on 9/11.

This was a lot of words to get two simple ones out. Thank You.

Thank you to my Grandmas [and Grandpas too] for instilling their values into my parents and together they were passed onto my siblings and myself, to Joy for being Joy, to JJ and JW and the people walking to raise money for a cure, to the men of Theta Chi who never wavered in their quest to save a friend, to Luke and Bella for being strong fighters, to LV and NW for creating an incredible platform to celebrate life, to AM for calling us to remember,and then to celebrate lives around us, to the men and women who are serving our country through many different avenues, and to the ones I know who are starting and creating legacies. I am blessed to be surrounded by each and every one of you.

until the next bite. g’night.

while penning this post Joy left this earth.

from Nicci – tonight at 8:42pm my mom left this world and entered into His Realm of Glory. We think she’s probably galloping on horses through amber fields, dancing with angels, getting a guided tour from Luke, shepherding her flocks of ducks and herds of gaots, and enjoying a disease- free, completely healed body. Oh, yeah and organizing that softball team she talked about.

A just authored a moving post as well.

love you Joy, thank you for putting your stamp of life on all of us.


4 thoughts on “passing the baton. leaving a legacy.

  1. Ashley says:

    One of my favorites mama. Well said.

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