LEGEN … wait for it … DAIRY sundae

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10.07.2011 by Andrea

Anyone who has enjoyed watching Neil Patrick Harris in his role as Barney Stinson on the show How I Met Your Mother, knows he has several poppy catchphrases. On the eve of the new season, a few weeks ago, I thought it was appropriate to pay homage to one of my favorite phrases, legen – wait for it – dary, by eating Seattle’s most legendary sundae at Icon Grill.

My buddy E, and I were waiting to attend the closing ceremonies of the 3-Day walk, at Memorial Stadium, so we decided to play tourist in Seattle. [sidenote – huzzahs to Team 60 Miles is a Latte for raising over $26,000 to fund the cure for Breast Cancer. An incredible feat for a team of 5. They walked through rain, sun, and accidental early morning sprinkler wake-up calls!] We snagged some Dick’s Burgers, rode the monorail [my first time], sipped on Starbucks [he sampled the new Salted Caramel Latte], and did some good people watching. After the 3-day ceremonies concluded E suggested one more stop, Icon Grill. We were intending to walk but after Google mapping the distance, and realizing that I was going to be waddling back after indulging in such a hefty serving of caloric sweetness we retrieved the car, and drove. I know, not very green of us. However, a great decision. This sundae is huge! Being that I am not inclined to save room for sweets, and that I had never had a chance to dine at Icon before I had no expectations.

E mentioned, upon arrival, that he thought that it normally took 3 people to take down this Goliath of sundaes. I was dubious. But once you add up the the edible cookie bowl, a mountain of ice-cream, topped with strawberries, mini M & M’s, candied almonds, and add-in chocolate syrup the view from the top is a bit daunting.

You have no choice but to dig right in. Ask anyone who knows me, patience is not my strongest virtue. So I dug in like a jackrabbit. By the time I came up for air, I realized that I had made a marginal, at best, dent in this mammoth item. I picked and tried to eat a little more, but I couldn’t handle anymore of this delectable dessert. And so we had to raise the flag, and I conceded that the sundae beat us.

I have never been so happy to walk out of a restaurant and sink into a car. I was stuffed. Perfect end to playing in the my city, truly a legen-wait for it- Sunday!

Until the next bite, cheers!


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