tailgate tidbits – bring on the brisket!

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10.07.2011 by Andrea

Here’s to another round of o’dark thirty setups. We have another one coming up for the Colorado game next weekend [12:30 PST kickoff]. Note to self, limit late night shenanigans when such an early rise is required.

watching the sunrise from E-1.

I was pretty stoked when our weekly e-mail came out and our team of cooks, Mr. and Mrs. S-C, were going to make our main meal brisket sandwiches. Being that I had been in Dallas earlier in the week, and tasted my first brisket tacos, [I ate them so fast that I didn’t have time to put the salsa on after it was delivered to the table], I was already licking my lips in anticipation of what was to come.

the spread

Team S-C did a great job. Not only did they do homemade slaw, and figure out how to transfer slow cooked brisket to a BBQ to warm everything back up, they also brought in a team of forces that gave this meal high notes. Made from scratch mac and cheese, homemade ‘slaw, and perfectly decorated “W” and dog bone shaped cookies.

homemade 'slaw in a Husky bowl

I’m not quite sure the exact recipe that was used for this brisket. What I can tell you is that servings were heaping, and the flavors bountiful! Well done! As an added bonus, we have gotten to sport shorts at all three home games, the sun has been shining and it’s working for us in racking up the W’s. I was a bit nervous seeing how Cal had a lot to prove to us on the field, after we won by a hair this last year. Our defense was a bit scraggly, but I have faith that Holt is working to get our line ship-shape, and Keith Price has started a season that rivals any past UW QB’s. He is doing phenomenal.

sunglasess in late September, yes please!

All in all a resounding success. A week from tomorrow we take on Colorado, can’t wait to see what will be on the grill!!!

Until the next bite, cheers!


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