sayonara summer


10.10.2011 by Andrea

I was treated to yet another foodie baby announcement this past week! My favorite sister duo are due within 7 weeks of one another. Team ABS presented their family with the cupcake reveal a few weeks ago. In the same vein Mr. & Mrs. Bell sent out pictures of the future Baby Bell:


Congrats J & T. I can’t wait to meet the first member of the Bell brood.

The past few weeks have had me crisscrossing the US. A couple of weeks ago in a surprisingly cozy, and perfect sendoff to summer, I got to watch a lightning storm paint the sky in Dallas. I also discovered my newest Trader Joe’s obsession while I was down in the big D, Tomato Basil Hummus. Delish!

Back in Seattle, it’s undeniable that the smell of a rain has arrived. I’ve polished my boots, am scouring websites for a classic leather jacket, and hoping that after a summer full of eating [read: overindulging on “special treats”] my jeans will fit soon. I’ve quickly begun the reacquainting process with my friends, Cardio and Strength Training. Until then, it’s leggings, and flowy tops. Can’t upstage my pregnant pals, the number seems to be growing every week, with my food belly/baby.

Our Sunday supper club closed out the season with fresh and bright flavors! Mrs. W was scouring Sunset magazine, and recipes online to fire the grill up with some new fresh flavors. This recipe, Garlic Basil Grilled Chicken, was bursting full of tastiness. I wanted to eat the topping straight out of the bowl!

The following week we tried crab cakes with a new twist:

The citrus element of the salad paired well with the crab cake salsa topping.

Both dinners featured a real winner, completing the summer sendoff.

You can never go wrong with sweet summer corn fresh off the grill!! Mmm…. We also sampled Crate & Barrel’s Spicy Parmesan Chipotle Corn Seasoning. A must buy!

A few last minute kernels. I’ve been following an old school chum’s blog for awhile, and she and her husband have certainly been sampling some tasty bites of late. Also, Seattle Restaurant Week is back, I’ve been mulling over where I want to go. Too many choices, which is not always a good thing. Thoughts or recommendations are certainly desired.

Also, I joined the masses and have been fiddling around with pinterest. Look for a blog integration in the coming weeks. Thanks to my friend RP for the brilliant idea! Is anyone else tinkering around with it? Let me know, I’m having a blast peeking into what strikes folks’ fancy!

Saturday we will be back at Husky Stadium, the email with the menu just arrived in my inbox. Can’t wait to see what the the tag-team duo of Mr. & Mrs. S, B & A are bringing to the game!

That’s a wrap for this evening, and for summer. Looking forward to sharing the goodies we’ve been indulging in over the past few weeks.

Until the next bite, cheers.


4 thoughts on “sayonara summer

  1. niccole says:

    The Garlic Basil chicken looks so yummy!!! New Trader Joe’s obsession – dried seaweed.

    • Andrea says:

      @niccole – it’s definitely good. will have to look for the dried seaweed, thanks for the tip! I tried lentil chips this week from there that were quite tasty!

  2. JBell says:

    Thanks for love Dre! I think this maybe my first blog mention!

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