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10.18.2011 by Andrea

Fall in the PacNW is not feeling too shabby. Today and yesterday have been crisp. The colors of the leaves are bursting into brilliant colors, the Huskies are 5-1, the Sounders had an outstanding performance this past Saturday, the World Series is underway [sadly the team I was rooting for the most didn’t quite make it, thanks Brewers] and it’s time to burrow into cozy fall layers. The only downside is that it’s just about time to turn on the heater. If the days stay like this, cool and sunny, I’ll take Autumn for awhile. Plus I need to get a set of new tires on my whip [read: motor vehicle] pretty soon so the less it rains, the longer I can prolong the inevitable – asking Santa for them for Christmas!

It’s been fun darting in and out of some places I’ve newly discovered in Seattle. I have really enjoyed nestling down in the North end at Laughing Ladies Cafe shop. The ambiance is top notch, the customer service friendly, and the snacks primo.

my jalapeno cheddar bagel topped with black pepper and a tomato!

I also got introduced to the best breakfast burrito around these here parts, compliments of my friend E. Surprisingly [in that it rarely happens], I wasn’t able to eat it all in one setting. My friend KB gobbled down the second half when I delivered it to her a couple hours after it was created. She reported it was still just as tasty! el Antojo I can’t wait to consume more from your menu.

the mammoth breakfast burrito

Looking for a chill environment and good people watching? Pop into el Diablo on the top of Queen Anne. Couches abound, plenty of outlets for all of us who are plugged in, and a unique beverage menu.

Monday funday has commenced!

Of course a personal favorite that takes me back to my Portland happy hour days is Stanfords. I was eating the spiced nuts, while watching Boston lose, and then the Yankees get eliminated. It almost felt like I was in the stands.

take me out to the ball game!

Now, drumroll please, to the meat and potatoes of my post. I have been working at broadening the spectrum of my palate and our fall suppers have been full of goodies. Mama W has been hard at work coming up with fall fruits to integrate into our dinners.

Let’s do a week by week breakdown.

Week 1 – Intro to Fall. As soon as the summer had ended on the calendar, quaint baby pumpkins and the harvest tablecloth appeared which really help set the tone.

Being that we are from an apple bearing state she utilized an apple slaw to mingle with the spicy macadamia nut crusted Tilapia. Not only was it a great dinner the night she made it, it made an even better lunch the next day at work.

Apparently I hadn’t fully professed my love [and now the weaning off process] of Hollandaise. So I got a bit giddy when she had homemade hollandaise to top the asparagus. Subsequently I am relentlessly getting teased about how I can top everything with hollandaise. Since I already had discovered my love for it it I have relegated it to a special occasion topper. It just tastes so good, and my hips seem to agree.

Dinner was perfect!

Week 2 – the following weekend we added a fun couple, JJ and MS, to the mix. We carried the apple theme from the previous week into our competitive match of Apples to Apples. I might have tied for first, just saying…

Fruit was abound in this week as well as we paired plums with pork chops.

Mrs. W prepping the plums

The Chairman, AK, was in charge of the pre-meal spread, and he brought smoked salmon, the Beechers Flagship smoked cheese, and grapes. All I had to do was plate it, should have been easier had I not gotten zealous in trying to create a grape mountain. There were a few runaway grapes.

Pretty good if I do say so myself.

Week 3 – lastly, a week ago Sunday we rounded the corner into Fall eating with comfort food. Pasta with vodka sauce and a bounty of fall veggies [zucchini, bell peppers] and spicy turkey meatballs.

All three meals were definitely a triple play in the Fall Classic of eating. Anything you’re particularly excited about eating in the coming weeks? Please share! I’m looking forward to the other flavors we will be unearthing in this season of nesting.

Until the next bite, cheers.


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