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10.29.2011 by Andrea

the sandwich artists!

Good Morning Dawg fans! It’s with pleasure that I am composing this update on a Saturday morning when the sun is already out, and the parking lot didn’t see the whites of my eyes at 5:30am. I’m tickled that we have a night game this evening.

Albeit slightly delayed, I wanted to give the rundown of our last fantastic tailgate creation. As it happens, when people inquire as to one of the reasons that I don’t pursue the art of cooking that often, I am quick to respond that I have friends that love cooking. It would be a disservice to take away one person’s pleasure when I can compliment them in the kitchen by being their sous chef, and taster extraordinaire. I think another huge component has been the advent of cooking shows on TV that have inspired folks to put their imagination to use when wondering the aisles of the grocery stores. I refuse to steal people’s joy. What I love more than anything is when the boys take charge of the cooking. It’s always fun to see what they come up with and at our most recent tailgate they came up big.

Italian Pressed Sandwiches. I think that the idea was initially birthed by my friend I’s mom’s pal who brought sliced sandwiches to add to our tailgate a few weeks back. They were hearty, flavorful and I certainly wanted more. As you might imagine, I was looking forward to the full meal deal when the team announced what was on deck for the week. The Colorado game was at 12:30, and it’s a quick service so the assembling took place the night before. Salami, layered with ham, turkey, artichoke hearts, basil, red bell peppers, pepperjack or mozzarella cheese, and then olive tapenade or pesto smeared on with a heavy hand. They were carefully wrapped and then smushed under weight and left to marinate for upwards of 15 hours. The crusty bread didn’t get soggy and the ingredients all worked together harmoniously.

my mouth is watering just thinking about these amazing creations!

We were able to slice three hearty servings out of each baguette. The average person could have eaten just the sando and been full, but this is not your average tailgate. My friend CJ, who is known for his pasta salad, whipped up a batch of his signature dish that was enough to feed a small army. I’ll be honest we marked the sandwich that I got to indulge in. It was the last one made, and every single ingredient that was available was piled onto this sandwich, it far exceeded expectations. I’m smacking my lips just thinking about it now! All in a all a perfect start to a game that turned out be a romp in the park.

Obviously the game was fantastic! Multiple Huskies scored, our defense magically appeared, and it was a beautiful day at Husky Stadium. I recently read two different articles that stated our home turf is bar none the best for sail-gating. Last week down at Stanford Luck wasn’t our side last week literally and figuratively. Hopefully today as we take on the Wildcats we will see another W in our column. I awoke this morning to the savory smells of fiesta chili and taco meat simmering on the stove. It’s my roomie and her boyfriend taking on the cooking challenge today. Taco Bar and Chili in my belly, doesn’t sound too shabby. Tonight we are reprising the blackout attire since the Dawgs are sporting their black uniforms, can’t wait! Until the next bite, Go Dawgs!



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