fun lunch friday: hambones

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11.01.2011 by Andrea

I’m not usually one to drone on and on while tooting someone’s horn but I would like to take a moment to introduce a pal that I’m awfully proud of. JB is a hardworking fellow who hails from Cincinnati and currently resides in Atlanta. He embraces my life mantra of “work hard, play harder.” He manages to travel, fit in sporting events, give back to the community [see my post where he went bald for charity], and is also very entrepreneurial. We met through our respective jobs, and I introduced him to In ‘n’ Out Burger, which sealed our friendship. Whenever I am in the ATL he has done his fair share of taking me on cultural field trips, introduced me to several ATL hotspots, and somehow manages to find time to squeeze in a lunch session. We’ve sampled southern cooking, Irish fare, White Castle, and most recently BBQ.

I was pretty jazzed about meeting up with him because his latest venture had piqued my interest. Late this summer Jeff launched Cornhole ATL which is a fan favorite of tailgate games across the country. Jeff talked business for a quick minute, and then managed to surprise even me with his take on how to use BBQ sauce. Now to be honest, I am one to believe that ranch dressing can go on nearly anything. I had yet to meet a person who had that same fetish with the Sauce.

Meet Jeff, the BBQ sauce king:

a lil' sauce for the bread

a lil' more ...

down the hatch

Where was all this BBQ sauce and bread consumed you might wonder. Hambones. A casual dining establishment, that still uses styrofoam but compensates for that little hiccup by having heaping portions, and tasty bites.

I went for the brisket lunch. Ever since I had those savory, melt in your mouth brisket tacos in Dallas a few weeks back, I’ve had a hankering to replicate that flavor. Hambones has their own spin on the brisket basket. As I have mentioned before when in the South the low prices of full meal deals coupled, with the options of multiple sides makes it nearly impossible to keep the calorie consumption to a minimum. You go big and then should be rolled home. The toughest part for me at some of these smaller joints is the game time decision that you make since you stand in line to order. I wasn’t sure what two sides I wanted to accompany my brisket, and so I asked the gal at the counter, hoping that one of the endorsed sides would be the mac and cheese. She claimed the baked beans and the fries were top notch, and so I went with it. Was not disappointed at all. The beans were oh so delicious, and the fries were spiced up to the point that I wanted to lick my fingers. Enroute to this lunch spot we also passed the original Chic-Fil-A, and I almost made Jeff pull a u-turn so that I could embrace CFA’s birthplace and soak up the nostalgia of where it all began.

In the end my belly was full, I was inclined to join the Atlanta BBQ club by the time we strolled out of the restaurant, and I promptly fell into a Southern cooking food coma upon my return to my hotel. Looking forward to tossing the bags at a cornhole event the next time I’m in town.

Until the next bite, cheers.


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