tailgate tidbits – blackout fiesta

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11.11.2011 by Andrea

blackout in the Zone!

First and foremost, a thank you to those who have served and are currently serving our country. I salute you.

Back to the regularly scheduled program. Oh, what a night. Dawg fans have been eagerly awaiting for the schedulers to shift a game or two to a PM start, and we got our wish for both the Arizona and the Oregon game. Word trickled out early in the week that it was going to be another “blackout” game like last year against UCLA. Basically, the team sports their sharp black uniforms on the field, and the fans scurry to find all their black Husky apparel to add to the effect. When the guys came running out of the tunnel, and you took a look around at all the fans decked out in black it achieved the desired effect. It was an exciting day in college football, Stanford was battling it out with USC as our game began, so there was lots of electricity in the air.

I had mentioned in my previous post that I was smelling the savory smells of chili cooking on the stovetop when I was prepping for the game and our chefs du jour did a fantastic job of keeping everyone well fed.

J & M - gameday chefs du jour

J and M started the prep work the night prior to make sure that all the ingredients came together to produce the best chili. Apparently they weren’t the only ones who had thought of chili because as I was doing my normal tailgate loop, I saw a few others who had their slow cookers out for the day.

JW dishing up the goods

We didn’t run out of chili, that’s for sure! There were leftovers in the ‘fridge for a week! Of course chili isn’t complete with all the favorite toppings [sharp cheddar cheese, green onions, heaping dollops of sour cream] and a side of homemade cornbread.

nom, nom, nom

Between meal one and two J and M made sure that we kept with the festiveness of the day by bringing this:

it was a Dawg fiesta!

a pinata!

This duo left no stone unturned in making the spirit of their cuisine a sprint to the end zone. Just when we were thinking about heading into the game they brought out the savory pans of taco meat, hard shells and soft shells, a whole array of toppings, and the conga line to the taco bar began.

the taco bar spread

At game time everyone was feeling full, and hungry for a win! Which we got.

Along the way we also saw that when you couple Halloween weekend with a Dawg blackout you’re bound to see some pretty interesting attire. I do believe that the tailgate winner for showing up in the most cumbersome costume goest to my pal Army

meet Mario!

All in all a winner of tailgate! The day was long, as the game didn’t officially end until 11:01pm. As we well know this last week against Oregon, didn’t fetch the desired result, but being that it was the last home game in Husky Stadium prior to the renovation, we have a whole bevvy of goodies to share from last week. Tomorrow we are taking on USC, down in Sark and Holts old stomping grounds. Obviously hoping to keep the USC win streak alive and go for three in a row against the Trojans. J and I are hosting our annual away game party, and this year we are switching things up by doing a ‘za [pizza] bar. We have some fun toppings coming our way and are looking forward to sharing the pics later this week.

Until the next bite, a major salute to our troops today and everyday!



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