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12.12.2011 by Andrea

What a fast and furious track this winter season is on. I can hardly believe that the countdown to holiday festivities is already in full swing. As the end of the year is quickly barreling towards me, I feel that I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath. The eve of the new year is upon us and I am looking forward to a leisurely January.

I’m currently enjoying a blissful evening compliments of my roommate and MNF featuring my favorite pro hometown squad, the Seahawks. We seem to play better at night, so maybe I can put a request in to the Commissioner for us to have a few more Monday night, Thursday night, or late Sunday afternoon games rotated into our schedule. Hey, whatever it takes.

Somehow the season of holiday hobnobbing doesn’t really seem to official until I sink my teeth into a Cranberry Bliss Bar compliments of Starbucks. My roommate brought me home an entire box of these sweet treats, and while I had stuck them in the freezer, to save for a moment of weakness [thinking that it would be months away] I did pack one in my work bag today and finally just indulged myself. Kind of negates my workout earlier, but it was worth every bite. The only difficult part when you have an entire box at home is that you can see the fat content each time you reach for a little triangle. It’s worth it though. I am not quite sure if it is the combination that it’s only unveiled seasonally or if I really have discovered the one item that speaks to my typically non-existent sweet tooth. Take a taste and report back your thoughts.

my holiday manna

photo credit – living artfully, another fellow Cranberry Bliss Bar lover.

I didn’t realize until I googled them, that the CBB, is an often desired, frequently replicated goodie and I wasn’t the solo sojourner salivating at the thought of having one every year.

Keeping in the vein of sweet treats, I must confess one more that I have discovered. Having been a fan of Pinkberry when the craze hit the soCal area a few years back, I had a feeling that Menchie’s was going to trip me up in my “say no to sweets, save room for salty carbs” mantra that I usually have no problem abiding by. Yet, if you happen to find yourself atop of Queen Anne, or overheating from your Christmas shopping in the University Village, I recommend you stop in and build your own creation. I find it oddly peculiar that I avoid fruits most of the time, but when I enter shops like these I succumb to sorbets, and top artistically swirled bowls of frozen goodness with berries. Personally, I think that it would be fun to add Pop Rocks as an item to the topping bar. My friend JW opted to go with the more traditional pairing of two different flavors, and then discovered the hot peanut butter and went to town. Indulge yourself.

my pink creation!

JW devoured his peanut buttery swirl

Enough sweet talk. Let’s get to the savory part of the season. It has been well documented that Occupy [fill in the blank/name your city] has been at the forefront of news countrywide. One of my friends has been immersed in watching the action live from her living room window in Oakland. It certainly has been a fascinating time to listen as the events unfold in front of her. While I haven’t been down there while the Occupiers were camped out recently we did manage to get some soul food from a little gem a few blocks away from her cozy abode. Introducing Room 389. M initially indicated we were just going to swing through for happy hour and then go to another bistro for dinner. As we were catching up we noticed a gentleman come in and unload his hot pans, and start to setup some food. As the smells came wafting over, our stomachs started to growl simultaneously and in the time that it took for me to excuse myself and use the ladies room, M had procured a heaping plate of Caribbean and Southern specialties. Meet our dinner:

I could have eaten a plate of these greens by themselves.

we might have gone back for another plate, don't judge us.

Being that my only interaction with greens prior to this meal had been to have them spill on me while holding a 5 gallon canister of them enroute to a wedding [where I was apart of the wedding party] I had no idea that I would like them so much. I hope to go back Room 389 to visit, listen to some live music, and sample whatever the guest chef will be bringing in for the evening.

Have to wrap this entry up. We are 13 days away from Christmas, 11 days away from Festivus, and I have barely scratched the surface of gift buying. Just waiting to add a few pictures and then I will show the success we had with our build your own pizza for our away home party game when the Dawgs played USC. Looking forward to watching the Alamo Bowl, hopefully the Dawgs bring it.

One last thing. SOS! I have several holidays soirees this weekend and a couple of them require showing up with some kind of appetizer in hand. I already tried to volunteer bringing napkins, or tasty adult beverages but still have a food obligation. Anyone have a good go to item that I can pickup at the grocery store or a snazzy app that requires minimal assembly? Ideas are very much welcomed!

Until the next bite. cheers & great win Hawks!


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