from boston: a festivus for the rest of us

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12.23.2011 by Andrea

image above created by my dear friend CK

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines we are officially enveloped in the holiday season. At this time of year when you look at my scheduler I go old fashioned and have a million post-its labeled with gifting ideas, who to mail cards to, and the lists just keep multiplying. I feel like I need a sign on me that states “does not cope well with holiday hubbub.” Luckily for me as we count down the hours until St. Nick appears, I am happily enjoying my favorite holiday of the year! A warm and Happy Festivus to my fellow celebrators. Prior to doling out my grievances for the day a few accolades before I get labeled a grumbly Grinch.

* Online shopping was a breeze this year, retailers really stepped up their game, items that I had ordered just last week were left on doorsteps before the weekend commenced.

* Thank you to all friends, you know who you are, who allowed me to “borrow” heavily from their Christmas gift giving ideas. My creative wheels just weren’t churning as quickly this year and to get to copycat from a few people made everything super easy.

* To all the folks who continue to sprinkle holiday cheer, even when I attempt to rebuff it. Thank you, while I may not be the cheeriest of folks, I appreciate that you don’t let my dark attitude get you down. I still think I am going to be purchasing an aluminum pole to make a real Festivus stamp in my household for next year.

* Holiday huzzahs to all those elves who have sprinkled goodies and hugs into my life. You are the best.

Onward and upward to brighter notes. The weather across the States has been amazing. Nothing is more stressful for holiday revelers than to watch travel plans crushed before their eyes as snow, hail, wind, or tornadoes force them into airports for hours on end. The mild weather has allowed me to wear a light rain slicker in Boston where I have been the past couple of weeks and it has been glorious. In order to combat my non-festive holiday mood I have eaten my way through Boston in the midst of my in-person Christmas gift buying. Business accommodations usually keep me within relative distance of the airport. I have been gifted the gift of complimentary shoes shines by the Seaport Hotel [this is available for every guest] and have been rotating the shoes I am packing in my suitcase so that all my shoes can glisten for Christmas.

I have mentioned before that Boston has great food. Being that I have been staying near the Harbor I have been indulging myself in my perennial favorite, the Legal Seafood Crabcake, but also took a gander and sampled their sister restaurant, Legal Test Kitchen [LTK for the locals], truffle fries, and almost ordered another batch to go. They are that good.

Switching gears, I also found myself munching on nachos during a MNF game at Jerry Remy’s and the steak is made to order, delicious.

mouth watering just to look at them again

Should you be in the mood to crash a holiday party, or large work function after hours happy hour make sure to scoot yourself into the Whiskey Priest. I also have to say it would be a shame to not sample the Sam Adams Holiday Porter if you’re on the East Coast.

During the daytime if you happen to be wondering around Fauneil Hall [a big shout out to my friend SJ who finally gave me a hint on how to pronounce this landmark correctly, it sounds like Daniel with an “F” at the beginning] a stones throw away is a buzzing sandwich metropolis. Hands down the best place to grab yourself a footlong sub. The lunch special is a steal, local chips, 20 oz. soda, and the “small” sando for $6.50, but if you really are going for the ultimate prize land yourself the large sandwich, throw in a bottle of water and for under $10 dollars you’ve got yourself two meals. What is the name of the this sandwich shop mecca? Two words: Al’s Cafes. I tend to dine at the State Street location. No sandwich is a bad sandwich there, but with everything done with a homemade style you must try the Meatball Parmesan. It doesn’t get any better folks. In fact I gobbled mine down so quickly I didn’t get a chance to take a picture. My partner in crime that day, NJ, opted for the healthier turkey sandwich, and it was just as delectable.

Off to fatten my belly with two homemade dinners from two of Santa’s helpers. Last but not least a nice way corporate America, sponsored in part by Sir Richard Branson, and Banana Republic + Virgin America distributed a little bit of holiday pixie dust. Just click on the link.

Until the next bite, Happy Festivus.


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