neighborhood nuggets: cuoco & lot no. 3


01.06.2012 by Andrea

Hello twenty twelve! It’s hard to imagine that just a short year ago I was fantasizing about going on a cruise with a gaggle of my best pals, and then traipsing around Europe solo. It was the year of “yes” for me, I didn’t want to miss out on anything [which if you ask anyone close to me that’s my mantra in general] and I had a ball. Rarely did I turn down opportunities to go boating on Lake Washington, cheer on the Huskies, bounce up and down at a Sounders game, or anything else fun that came across my plate. Of course in order to play you have to pay and the gallivanting around has caught up, to my hips. So just like millions of other global citizens I am attempting to shave off a few pounds and do some tightening and toning. I’ve never been a fan of formalized diet plans, so I hopped on the bandwagon at my gym and am doing a 90 challenge to see who can be the Biggest Loser. Consider my competitive juices all revved up! It’s obvious from this blog that eating brings me to my happy place, and I am certainly not going to over the top and count calories to the nth degree and deny myself the pleasure of eating good food. I’m just being more cognizant of what goes in my mouth.

That being said, if you haven’t already noticed I have a huge affinity for anything that Tom Douglas launches in Seattle. I am now a bottle opening member of his beer club at Brave Horse Tavern, and after much anticipation finally got to enjoy a fabulous sit down dinner at his newish Italian property, Cuoco.

As I am penning this I am still thinking about my friend BB’s amazingly succulent, melt-in-your-mouth, to-die-for butternut squash gnocci that took the cake. It was so good. I can’t emphasize it enough. I wanted to grab her plate away from her and gobble it all down myself. Instead I exercised a bit of restraint, but certainly never declined when she asked if anyone wanted to try some. Yes, yes, and yes!!!!

In this quest to be slightly more healthy I veered away from all of his handmade pastas, that we had watched being made, and opted for the newest addition to the menu. Braised pork, served atop of a creamy polenta and garnished with sauteed spinach. The pork was perfect, and the accoutrements on the plate all combined together for several perfect mouthfuls of deliciousness.

I also sank my teeth into his newest starter a Dungeness Crab Egg Gremalata. The ingredient combination seemed too good to be true. They married together perfectly and it was a perfect bite.

Every item we consumed for dinner was good. Our dining companions both ordered the agnolotti dal plin pasta filled with rabbit, veal, and pork. For a carboholic like myself every pasta dish was enticing and they all seemed to be leaping off the menu calling my name, but I do believe we ordered the best entrees. The gentleman next to me was eating the aged rib steak, another goodie that also had piqued my interest.

I’ve already alerted several of my cohorts that I would like to eat a Cuoco a few more times, daily if possible. I’m excited to go back on a Sunday evening as they have a rotating Sunday Supper menu, that is very affordable featuring multiple courses. I’m sure I will be a regular at this dining establishment.

In general, if you’re looking for a great neighborhood flourishing with plenty of places to dine check out the South Lake Union area. Cactus just opened a new storefront, and my girlfriends and I did just did a long brunch at Portage Bay Cafe completed with a few rounds of shuffleboard at Brave Horse. SLU is definitely ranking high in my favorite places to eat, and socialize in Seattle.

I must be really craving meats because I also got a chance to introduce a dear friend [who recently returned from working for two years in Egypt] to all the goodies that Lot No. 3 has to offer. I was disappointed when the Heavy Eating Group made the executive decision to close down Barrio [in Bellevue], since I thought that the trio of Lot No. 3, Purple, and Barrio made for a fun mini food and beverage crawl. However, Barrio being closed hasn’t diminished my pleasurable experiences at Lot No. 3. C and I both sampled the short rib sliders, which had just the right amount of tangy mustard and pops of flavor. She also opted to sample the goat cheese toast, and the presentation was beautiful. I couldn’t quite coax her into trying the plate of bacon, but I presume that will come with time. Lot No. 3 is a must dine at eatery on the Eastside.

That’s a wrap for this Friday. I am heading out to ring in a birthday and see what Joey’s has to offer and dazzle my palate with. At the very least it will be good people watching. I’m also stoked to kickoff my year attending my first foodportunity event in Seattle scheduled for the first week of February. Should be good eats. Finally, after the initial launch I did some more comprehensive pinning on my pinterest page, and now am wholly addicted [let me know if you want me to send you an invite]. I’m always looking for great places to dine across the nation. Suggestions? Anyone?

2011 was a grand year, I’ve enjoyed the opportunities I have had the past week to reflect on highlights, remember and honor those who left this earth, and focus on renewal and changes to maximize experiences this year. Here’s to twenty twelve.

until the next bite, cheers.


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