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01.30.2012 by Andrea

I must confess. I have a crush. I’ll be honest, it might be blossoming into a full blown love affair. This is coming from the girl who intentionally doesn’t date between Thanksgiving until around February fifteenth because it can be awfully costly, without a good ROI [return on investment]. Introducing, Urban. Urban Enoteca. The infatuation started from a distance. The word on the street was that this nifty little facility was an oasis of wine, cloaked in an incredible venue. That was just the start. The crush developed at a fast and furious speed. The pictures on the website alone looked so inviting, it’s got the hip feel of SODO Park, mixed with a rugged elegance.

Much like my San Diego wine tasting experience, some of the different wineries that are housed within the Wine Library utilize the futuristic push and pour service, others still perform the classic pours by hand. Regardless, the ambiance makes it so that it certainly isn’t an impersonal affair. Each winery has their own real estate in the Library that allows for one on one interaction. One of my favorite wineries, Five Star Cellars, offers a vast array of varietals to sip. The simplicity in the tasting experience is bound to capture your heart.

Upon entering the building swing by the hostess stand to receive your “library card.” As you make your rounds at each stop pass your card over to the winery representative, and they will swipe your card through their point of sale device. It’s a one stop shop, when you’re all done at the end of the day you checkout, and only have one receipt rather than 6 or 7! Brilliant.

Not to drone on and on and continue to extol the virtues of UE, but there are a couple other highlights. Not only are the hours super accommodating [UE stays open until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 9pm during the week], the food is on point. I haven’t ventured over to the restaurant yet, but I did nibble on the fingerling potatoes, and some kind of mozzarella stuffed ooey gooey treat. Both were delicious.

Bonus. If you get a chance, stop by and say hello to Norm at the Kiona Vineyards kiosk. He is a wealth of information and he alone has made me encourage people to stop by and check out UE. His infectious personality makes him a gem.

Whether you’re considering hosting a corporate event, a rehearsal dinner, or a casual afternoon, this is your place! Amongst a few other places spread across the country, UE was definitely in my top 5 must visit food sites in 2012, and it didn’t disappoint. I’m looking forward to planning trips to Walla Walla and Napa to expand my limited but growing wine knowledge, until then this will more than do. ps – if any one of you folks are wanting to drink some vino and do some painting, let me know. Corks and Canvas has several dates on the calendar that include UE. I’ve been dying to try one of their evenings of painting.

Watch out Tom Douglas, there is a newcomer in town that has definitely captured my palate and maybe even my heart. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

One final note, one of my favorite foodie partners in crime was dining at Local 360 this last weekend and indulged in the pig ears, bleu cheese, hazelnut and ranch small plate. To directly quote BK “it was so awesome, I sent a beer to the chef. I’m in piggy bliss!” If you haven’t swung through this Belltown eatery, add it to your list. I was certainly drooling when I got this picture:

plate of piggy bliss at Local 360

Also, from the folks who brought you the Big Picture, their newest venture Henry & Oscar’s has just opened. I am excited to try this place out. Hopefully sooner rather than later in the coming weeks. Sunday Suppers will be returning in my next post. Mrs. W has been cooking up a storm, so expect a slideshow displaying an array of goodies.

Until the next bite, you can probably find me at Urban Enoteca. cheers.


2 thoughts on “neighborhood nuggets: urban enoteca

  1. Hi Eats and Tweets! Great write up of Urban Enoteca!

    I work in the kitchen there, and also am the Executive Director of a local nonprofit (Community Arts Create) that is starting a new culinary program sponsored by Urban Enoteca, called Taste International! I hope you can check it out.

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