eggplant, thai food, babies … oh my!

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02.03.2012 by Andrea

This photo is just one example why I love my best friend so much.


my favorite pack of Cougars.

She is a trooper. While pregnant she and her husband attended numerous Cougar games. As a surprise to him for his birthday two weeks ago she got him season tickets. Pullman road trip here I come.

Not only did she and her husband lavish Husky gifts upon me at Christmas. She was also understanding when I told her I couldn’t attend her baby shower because the days I said I was available I had already purchased tickets to watch the Dawgs play Duke at Madison Square Garden. It gets better, we took a workout class about 8 weeks ago together, when she was 31 weeks pregnant, and the way I was gasping and writhing on the floor you would have thought I was going into pre-mature labor. Sike! [How’s that for an old school Friday term?!?]

So, lo and behold as she is nearing her due date and I’m pestering her with questions she enters nesting mode. While I’m biting my fingers watching the Dawgs almost lose to UCLA and scanning every blog see what the scope of our recruiting class for football is going to look like she is making this:


while looking like this:


I’m blown away. I have no clue how Wonder Woman does it, but I’m a proud Mama Bear. While she isn’t due for another week or so she is certainly trying to shake Baby Nolan up. According to her if not the Eggplant Parmesan, maybe the stair-stepper or some spicy Thai food will awake the dragon.

Check out this link for the eggplant recipe she used. Apparently it’s the trigger point for arrivals of little bambinos. She is eating it for lunch too!

Whatever it takes I’m just ready to meet the nugget and lug him to his first Huskies game!!!

That’s a wrap for this quick post. Who are you cheering on for the big game on Sunday? It’s a win for grazing on good food! Happy Friday!

Until the next bite. cheers.


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