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02.13.2012 by Andrea

Gird yourself, this will be a very photo laden entry [compliments of my iphone & instagram].

Two weeks ago I kicked off weekend festivities with a brief tour of the University of Arizona campus, my first time in Tucson, other than being in their airport. The weather was beautiful in Seattle last week so I don’t feel nearly as guilty exhorting how lovely it was to sitting under the Tucson sun nibbling on pizza, and basking under the bright orb shining down from the sky. Lunching outside, [albeit in a different city], when Seattle is in the dead of winter is a treat. I never take it for granted. While there, I also discovered my new favorite beer. Having always been a fan of Blue Moon, yes, I know – super calorically laden, I decided to try their seasonal brew, Winter Abbey. The twist at first glance was the topping of brown sugar and cinnamon. It proved to be spicy and delicious. Can’t wait to try this goodie at home.

winter abbey.

I have, in fact, been perusing all the shelves of local grocers seeking out this delicious brew. Since it will be disappearing from the shelves soon, I now believe I understand how hoarding starts.

From Tucson, it was back to Seattle for a weekend of gorging and eating. I did pretty well until I hit the Super Bowl snacks. Pinterest came up the big winner, because at any given party I attended I noticed several products ala the Pinterest recipe bank.

touchdown! a total win!

corndog bites paired with an out of this world sriracha ketchup.

baked brie pops with jam

I also got schooled by my friend JA on how to roll my own sushi. Since I conquered my goal of eating fluidly with chopsticks I am definitely seeing a heightened interest on my end to start dabbling more with Asian cuisine. Thanks for taking the time to teach me JA!

You never know what is going to be on the food buffet at a Seattle Super Bowl party!!!

Now. The moment we have been waiting for. Presenting, Foodportunity. Oh, what an evening! Last Monday night at T.Doug’s Palace Ballroom tech nerds and and food aficionado’s gathered for a night of tweeting and eating.

Last summer I had wanted to attend and the session sold out. This year I exchanged the opportunity to toboggan down Snoqaulmie’s slopes and bought my ticket the day the event was announced. The event is the brainchild of Seattle’s #franticfoodie, also known as Keren Brown. This petite vivacious gal, an accomplished author, and owner of a pair of fabulous red pumps tirelessly works to merge the two communities of food writers, and eaters. All in all the gathering was a rousing success, it also was one of the top trends [#foodprt] of the night on twitter. I must admit with such a depth of experience, knowledge, and heavy local food hitters in the room, I got a bit nervous, and spent more time taking in my surroundings then executing a strong networking vibe. Come summer I think I will be more prepared. On that note, anyone who would like to join me for the summer session, hit me up! The more the merrier.

Lots of fantastic partners have come forward to support Keren in her venture. I don’t know if I had a favorite bite of the night, but there were certainly a few that had my mouth watering.

On my must-eat-at-right-now-list is the Coterie Room. Being that I am already a huge fan of the McCracken Tough duo, sampling their ham cracklin’s with a black truffle fondue elevated my desire to get my behind in a seat as soon as possible.

if you're not drooling, you should be.

As has been stated in previous posts, cheese and I are very cozy. The Met Market featured a mac & cheese that was fabulous. Not going to lie, I went back for seconds.

met market - mac & cheese.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I sank my teeth into this little gem from Tom Douglas but it didn’t disappoint. Hello gourmet street meat. Without further ado introducing the Pork Belly & Octopus Chorizo dog.

I think this blog post takes the cake on describing the flavor profile of this nugget.

In no particular order here are a few other highlights that I got to eat.

A great takeaway, Wheatless in Seattle, has an amazing sundried tomato basil hummus that I would like to eat by the gallonful.

Wheatless in Seattle

Local 360 was there and they created a bacon wrapped rabbit saddle with cheesy grits and maple truffle oil. Somehow I ate it so quickly I didn’t have time to take a picture. Oops.

Estancia Lucia's Pumpkin in Syrup

Estancia’s Lucia’s Pumpkin in Syrup was one of the most versatile items served. You can pair it with sweets or savory items and the flavor definitely blossoms. They have a fairly active twitter account that lets you know where they are doing tastings.

Il Cerve's homemade pasta, can't say no!

Mt. Townsend Creamery - apple chips with cheese, brilliant.

I have been loving the Snack Salad Snackpea Crisps. Of late, I might have devoured a Costco size bag, as well as several Trader Joe’s travel friendly sizes. They are just delicious. Seattle local company halfpops. These partially popped kernels are worth every handful of consumption.

Also presenting throughout the night were:

volunteer park cafe

The Tulalip Resort came armed with a sockeye salmon atop of a cucumber chevre.

The Inn at Langley

The Christmas menu from the Inn at Langley looked divine. The picture above is the goodie they provided. Their commitment to using local foraged products is remarkable considering you have to throw in a ferry ride to get their as well.

Rovers - their fabulous salmon dish.

Finally, Il Fornaio, who was also had their pasta on hand, had a mini panini that was filled with roasted vegetables and smoked mozzarella. Perfect size and balance of flavors.

Il Fornaio

Mrs. W and I will be jumping into Italian Cuisine this month by attending Il Fornaio’s tasting supper as part of their festa regionale. This month’s regional focus is Lazio. I’ll attempt to remain classy, and discreetly take a few pictures.

All the festiveness at Foodportunity made for a fantastic evening. I cleansed my palate with a swig of the Tipus Chai [I highly recommend purchasing their individual packets, it is chai perfection] and closed the evening armed with a mission. The United Way of King County is bringing to light how hunger impacts local residents. A single person on food stamps is awarded 7 dollars a day. During the week of March 19-24 they are challenging community members [you & me] to spend only 7 dollars a day for all your meals. I am taking the challenge, and would love for others to embark on this experience, along with me. More information can be found on their website. Hunger Action Week will certainly require some creative eating for me.

Have a great evening, until the next bite. cheers.


2 thoughts on “super bowl snacks & #seattlefoodies

  1. Nora Peters says:

    Hi Andrea!

    Thanks so much for the wonderful post about the Foodportunity event (and the pics – the food was great, wasn’t it?) and for mentioning United Way’s Hunger Action Week! We really appreciate you helping us get the word out about hunger and are really excited to see that you’re taking the hunger challenge! I’m Nora from United Way and I’m going to be following bloggers that take on the challenge and then linking your posts to our blog so others will be able to follow you on your blog. I’d love to give you more resources and talk a little more about it. You can reach me at (I couldn’t find your email on here). Hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime I’ll be following your posts and tweets.


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