sunday night suppers – we’re back!

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02.26.2012 by Andrea

Spring Fever has officially commenced in Seattle. The weather was supremely gross yesterday, and then beautiful today! I took advantage of running our local watering hole, Green Lake, and it’s always a lot of fun seeing how Seattle-lites blossom when the giant bright orb in the sky has revealed itself. I have an itchy finger and want to start booking some travel plans for the next few months.


hello sunshine!

I managed to dodge Seattle’s snowfall of last month, but I won’t lie I was not thrilled to hear that Issaquah was lacking power [at one point], and selfishly was worried that a Sunday night dinner was going to be called off. Mrs. W has done a superb job of keeping all the “kids” happy with her meals of late. When the menu was revealed, all recipes she found were via pinterest. I was stoked, naturally!

The Kiss song New York Groove seemed apropo to celebrate our return to dining, board gaming, and awful TV show viewing.

KISS – New York Groove

I don’t have the latest and greatest from all of January and February yet, but I do have some pretty good shots of the previous meals we have been indulging in.

ribs - mmm, mmm, good.

dipping sauces for the sweet potato fries.

butternut squash risotto

beef tenderloin

Yesterday my friends P and J had my roomie and I over for lunch. We had an mushroom appetizer that rivals the Matadors chipotle mushroom recipe and salmon cakes that were to-die-for. Another addition for seafood items I’m falling for.


melt in your mouth salmon cakes & fresh spring salad.

There are several fun dining opportunities I have gotten to be a part of in Seattle recently that I can’t wait to share, and am already salivating in anticipation of the Seattle Mobile Food Rodeo. It’s not until May, but in case you were wanting to peruse their website or follow them on Twitter here is the link: I’m also looking forward to finally sampling the Cuban roast sandwich at Paseo. It seems I can’t be a true eater of Seattle until I have had this famed sando.

I’m also pushing up my sleeves and doing some forward planning for my Hunger Action Week challenge. It begins on March 19th and I will do my best to adhere to the rules of the Basic Food program guidelines, which is the governing body that instructs what you can and cannot spend your food stamp monies on. Considering that I purchase food on a daily basis, I’m sure I’ll regard my spending habits differently. Still casting out the line, if anyone wants to join me in this, I would love the accountability and shared experience.

Happy Oscar viewing to those who are watching. I’m hoping that Spring has officially sprung in Seattle but until it’s a guarantee I’ll burrow down and do some pinning.

Until the next bite. cheers.


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