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03.14.2012 by Andrea

G’day mates. I don’t suppose that is very Irish in the least bit. But, the land Down Under sounds a whole heck of a lot more appealing than the moody weather swings that Seattle has been experiencing the past few days. Must be her time of the month. :-/

Tally ho, onward and upward as I have managed to eat myself in a food stupor over the past weeks. First things first.

a]. happy pi day! I ran an informal poll amongst some of my Facebook friends and found that I was heavily outnumbered in the type of pi[e]s people were craving. I lent myself towards pizza first, and then broadened the spectrum to pot pies, shepherd’s pies and what not. Apparently the majority spoke, and they want the sweets. Regardless, eat pi[e] today!

b]. welcome to the world, quite a few new babies! My friend .com just brought little Averie into the world yesterday. I was at a baby shower this weekend, where the pregnant/expecting, just had one/am trying for another crowd, far outnumbered myself. Looking forward to more celebrations. And of course, being the honorary Auntie I would like to introduce my new favorite nugget. Hello Nolan!

baby N & Auntie Dre

shameless plug alert – if you like the ruler in the picture above my gal pal N custom makes these growth charts & she does a fabulous job!

c]. I would be remiss in not doing a run-down of some fun St. Patrick’s day hotspots that one might want to partake in should they find themselves in Seattle. I for one will be watching the March Madness tournament, sans the Dawgs, in Las Vegas. But for those of you in the city check out my list of places to do an Irish Jig and down a pint.

– According to the Seattle Met, opening Irish bars is becoming quite the trend in twenty twelve. The newest landing spot will be in Belltown. CS Finnegan’s will throw open their doors on St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t envision it gets much better than that. It’s brought to you by the same owner of West Seattle’s The Celtic Swell, which is always a fan favorite.

– Headed to the Sounders game? Look no further than the Owl & Thistle. It’s always a great stopping off point enroute to a Sounders game. So why not just incorporate it on your way to the game.

– knowing how much I love Tom Douglas. I can’t pass up sharing that Brave Horse Tavern will have $3.17 beverage specials and the Seattle Firefighter Pipe & Drum Corps performing. Get there.

– Moving out of the immediate confines of the city. I enjoy the Roanoke Inn on Mercer Island. It’s great during the summer, and even more fun on St. Patrick’s Day.

– Typical shenanigans will ensue at Kell’s and Paddy Coyne’s [both the SLU & Bellevue location] I am sure. Any others I left off? Leave a comment at the end of the post!

Two weeks of full bodied fabulous eating kicked off when my friend H and I finally made our way to Paseo. You know it’s a great restaurant when they can close for a month each year, and there is a line the day they re-open. They have been lauded with many accolades and featured on several foodie shows. It’s a crying shame that it took 6 years of residency in Seattle for me to bite into the Cuban Roast Sandwich which was everything it promised and more. I also fell for their onions, and could eat them everyday.

succulent onions. I should have ordered a side to eat solo!

the famed cuban roast sando. this picture doesn't do it justice.

Two Saturday’s ago what started as an innocent Husky basketball viewing at Sport segued into happy hour at the innkeeper, [the sister property to Black Bottle]. During their happy hour, oysters on the half shell are only $1.

kushi oysters

You must try the chips. Made on the property, salty and warm, they are perfectly complemented with the salsa and guacamole.

A big Saturday evening can cause anybody to wake up and crave a good brunch. After hearing about the breakfast that brothers, AK & BK, had the previous Sunday at Local 360. Think fried chicken and waffles and rabbit potpie, I knew I wasn’t going to miss out on this weeks nosh fest. We agreed to go to Brave Horse Tavern after I read the special involved braised chicken thighs, gnocchi, bacon, and poached eggs. It didn’t stop there. We also did two rounds of pretzels, with all three dipping sauces. I managed to refrain from round 2, and also had the fried cheese curds with dill pickle tartar sauce. Heart attack. It tasted so good, and was worth the extra sweaty workout later that afternoon.

round one

special of the day - breakfast gnocchi

The best way to describe the gnocchi dish is that it was akin to a deconstructed pot pie. No bite left behind, that is for sure.

cheesy grits!

fried cheese curds with dill pickle tartar sauce.

While the pictures are making me salivate. I would like for you to meet my first guest video blogger, BK. After listening to him you want to find yourself going to visit Brave Horse and sampling his entree of choice, the grits.

BK describes Brave Horse Brunch

One would think that would be enough eating for a weekend. But wait, there was more. Dinner at Mr. and Mrs. W’s after a workout was filled with flavor, protein, and seasonal flavors. We also sampled probably one of the best wines, compliments of Dunham Cellars, any of us have ever had cross our palates. It married well with our meal, to say the least.

tasty vino!

I will close this post with this. Mainly due to the fact that I have to submit my bracket picks for three different pools, and get up to go to work all within the next couple of hours. Last weekends culinary highlight was eating family style at Black Bottle. I was ready to dive in after a day snowshoeing trip went awry when I stepped into a crevice that caused my snowshoe to pull apart at the hinges. Thank goodness the pals I was with were good at trying to carve a trail for me to trudge along behind them. Still knee deep steps in snow make for a hungry girl. As Mrs. W stated everything from the desserts to starters, in that order, is completely thoughtful at Black Bottle. All of the diners at the table were open to broadening the spectrum of our palates and ended up feeling that we ate tasty treats, and innovative bites. Meet the first supper of the week.

pork belly and kimchi.

pulled pork tacos - could have eaten 3 plates!

broccoli blasted so good!

bacon lemon scallops and frizzled kale.

spicy fennel sausage dandelion greens & fresh mozzarella. the sausage was amazing.

I could eat this everyday! passionfruit sorbetto & guava gelée

bourbon sauced bread pudding

Wow! We had to waddle back to our vehicles. Simply put, amazing. Great food, even better company. That’s the end of this post. Back by popular demand, the re-posting of how some people choose the winners for their March Madness Brackets compliments of blogger Witty Little Secret. Wishing you a safe and playful St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Also, I am still planning on tackling Hunger Action Week beginning next Monday. Who wants to eat on $7/day with me? At the very least, any good ideas of what I can put on my grocery list?

until the next bite, cheers.


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