a lil’ bit of spring in my step

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04.22.2012 by Andrea

Seattle. Thank you. You decided to bring out your best weather to officially commemorate the 50th birthday and painting of your fair landmark, the Space Needle. There is no way I thought after all the drizzle and rain this week that we, the citizens of your fair city, would be basking in the sunshine. I’m just grinning from ear to ear and getting ready to enjoy a Sunday afternoon at the ballpark.

This will be a quick post. It certainly hasn’t been for lack of eating that I fell behind this past month. Rather, it’s been too much fun! A couple of back to back trips to Las Vegas during March Madness, a half marathon up on scenic Whidbey Island, opening day of the Mariners, and of course fitting work in during all this playtime!

Beautiful days in Seattle bring out the best in her dwellers. Nothing beats a good brunch on the weekend. Seattle Met certainly agrees because they devoted an entire issue to breakfast hotspots. After my Brave Horse jaunt a few weeks ago I teamed up with my Seattle brother brunching buddies again to check out Lola. Lola, is just comfortable. It’s like slipping on a pair of well worn in slippers. It doesn’t necessarily have the immediate “wow” factor of conceptualizing something zany every week on the menu, but it never disappoints.

Check out our grub:

BK's granola. so good he wanted two bowls.

AK's omelette. the thickness of that bacon makes me crave some, right now!

my delicious eggs benedict. because, I can never turn down an opportunity to eat hollandaise.

In the meantime Mr. & Mrs. W took a class at Sur La Table and brushed up on some fancy cooking skills. They are also in the midst of redoing their kitchen. So you can imagine how excited all of us are to have a dinner in their renovated space. As per normal the duo kicked off our spring suppers with some fun colors and flavors.

I’m off to go enjoy a burger in the sun. Until the next bite! cheers.

burger time. compliments of Lucas.


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