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05.02.2012 by Andrea

In life, there are certain people who you cross paths with that instinctively you know you’ll be friends for the long haul. Such is the case with my friend Miss M. Inevitably whenever we hangout there are peals of laughter, tears streaming down our faces, an occasional snort, a need for oxygen after gasping for air, and stomach pains the next day from side-splitting giggles. Not only is she quick witted, and super sassy, she and I never fail to run into adventures that lead us to believe we should have a camera crew following us. We are just that funny, or at least we are in our own minds.

Two years ago, Miss M relocated down to the Bay area for a job opportunity that she couldn’t pass up. Recently she got a promotion that had her packing her bags and heading south to LA. Selfishly I am stoked, it just so happens that I am in the LA area a bit more frequently for work. As an added bonus, 24 hours prior to her landing in the land of sunshine, beaches, and beautiful people it dawned on me that I was going to be able to rearrange my schedule and be on hand to for the schlepping of the luggage into her new temporary digs.

I should have known that as simple as it sounded on paper, two ladies lacking navigational skills was bound to be problematic during LA rush hour traffic. No less than 5 minutes after picking up the rental car she leaves me keyless and with her cell phone parked in a handicap zone and no parking/waiting area in baggage claim. Not a big deal until an officer of the law ambles over and points out our error and then proceeds to tell me his plan is to write us up for an infraction. Luckily M arrived back at the scene and to the rescue with her signature “I don’t mean no harm, we aren’t from these parts,” a quick batting of the eyes, and a coy smile which helped us dodge a ticket and a tow.


the famed "I don't mean, no harm" shrug.

We managed to exit LAX and while I was busily updating our latest encounter via social media, M turned to SIRI to navigate us towards some kind of eatery and her temporary housing. Oopsy. Giddyup u-turn. We were lost before we even left a main boulevard. This is when Meltdown USA started to occur. Both of us were on the verge of han-gry pains. I was trying to ignore/mask the rumble in the jungle occurring in my belly by co-piloting and got us thisclose to an In ‘n Out when I realized that we were waving bye-bye-bye to said restaurant and getting on a busy turnpike. You best believe that I had Mya make another u-turn, semi-legally, even though we were halfway to her new residence. When a girl needs to eat, a girl needs to eat. And lo and behold it was discovered that Mya had yet to ever eat at In ‘n Out. Having both grown up on Burgerville this was a big deal. We had the In ‘n Out, in sight, and then, you guessed it, missed the turn again. Back down the same boulevard we had initially gotten turned around, another u-turn, through a few more intersections and then we finally pulled into the drive thru. I counted 13 cars ahead of us, and a parking lot that was going to be an obstacle course if we attempted to park the beast of the SUV she had rented. So, we inched along. Slowly but surely we crept forward, and passed time by contemplating what we were going to order. SoCal weather paired with In ‘n Out’s hipness equals a savvy smart to have employees expediting the ordering process by walking up to the cars in line and digitally transporting orders to the in-house prep team. It’s a modern day roller skating/carhops approach and sensibility that I sure appreciated it. M got a double-double, I went with the modest cheeseburger and a shared order of fries.


our food rescuers.

We snagged a couple of hats and some stickers so that M could begin her Halloween costumer planning in advance. Within seconds after we sunk our teeth into the pure blissfulness that is In ‘n Out we both agreed that it couldn’t have been better timing. Crisis averted. Barely.


You might think that once we had a few bites of food to jumpstart our motor and navigational skills we would see smooth sailing for the rest of the evening. Close but no dice. Locating her new casa was as easy as cooking rice in a rice cooker. However, one six foot three garage the SUV barely clears, seven bags, three flights of stairs, and a key card that isn’t working and the Promised Land seemed almost out of reach. Quick thinking, some problem-solving skills, a rescuer and we had all of her pieces of luggage shoved into the suite. At long last we were finally able to toast the zip code change!


at last ......

As zany as this sounds, the entire time we both kept repeating to each other “only us, there is nobody else I would rather do this with.” Just a lot of head shaking, eye rolling and biting of the tongue if anyone actually had followed us on our wild ride. Later after dropping me off she exchanged her SUV for a much smaller model!

Welcome to LA Miss M! Our fun factor tips the scales. Can’t wait to come and play for an extended period. That’s a wrap for this week, headed to the Mobile Food Rodeo, this weekend.
Until the next bite – cheers.


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