copper river salmon chronicle

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05.24.2012 by Andrea

After a two month hiatus, that included various adult spring break trips, an entire kitchen renovation, a younger siblings 21 run, a food truck rodeo, and lots of happy hours in between, Sunday night suppers are back!

The christening of Mr. and Mrs. W’s brand spanking new kitchen was done in high fashion. It commenced with a meeting at the Pike Place Market Cheese Festival, a flight or two of wine, and a chance to play tourist on a rainy Seattle day. Wandering through the market was boatloads of fun, I can’t recall when the last time I did it was. We had an idea that something with a seafood flair was going to be a key component to our meal planning but hadn’t quite articulated the tasting menu to it’s fullest. Then we laid eyes on some jumbo shrimp that looked like baby lobsters, and the buttery, oft sought after, recently delivered, copper river salmon, and knew we had landed a whopper of a winner.

our handpicked slab of copper river salmon, being filleted in front of us.

shrimp so large they looked like mini lobsters.

JW whipped up this little number. A flavor progression of avocado, spicy mustard, and sweet chili sauce. Delicious!

Mr. and Mrs. W came out firing. Guns were blazing. Deciding what to do with the salmon brought us to a place of preparing it two ways, baked and grilled. A duo if you will. The duel between the two chefs, made each bite of this omega 3 filled delicacy, a party in my mouth. I am the first to admit that salmon and I are somewhat frenemies. I don’t mind smoked salmon, despise salmon that tastes fishy, and abhor chomping down on bones in my mouth, and was quite uncertain that I was going to eat my full portion at dinner. I suppose any recipe that requires equal amounts of brown sugar and butter should have been a clue that nothing could go wrong. One bite into this caramelized pecan sensation, and I was already plotting my return back to the plating area. On the other hand, simultaneously the poppy pine nut pesto was refreshing, and bursting with flavor. I rarely find myself eagerly returning for a second portion of salmon [in fact, I had pushed salmon around on my plate just a few days prior] and gave myself a generous round two and had to sit on my hands in order to leave round three for JW to box up for his lunch for the next day.

Amidst munching on crusty bread, talking about how I want to go dabble, or perhaps more appropriately dip, further into the olive oil and balsamic tasting world, and eating more cheese we also had other components that ventured onto the plate. A splashy champagne risotto with bits of prosciutto added a richness, and a bit of zing in the carb department and freshly grilled artichoke globes balanced us out in the veggie department.

round one, when I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the salmon.

Dinner on this night, felt like an artful and soulful experience. Accompanied by some tasty sips from Brian Carter Cellars and Karma Vineyards, I don’t think that I have laughed so hard, snorted water so fashionably, been teased more mercilessly, played a rowdier round of the game What?, or been more pleased to be in this season of my life.

new granite & new wine glass charms.

Mrs. W’s favorite wine.

More adventures are sure to ensue as we plotted out our summer plans, and you better believe 90 percent of them involved eating in some shape or form. To this I am raising a glass … I readily admit that I enjoy leaving Seattle, yet days like these tug at my heartstrings and I can’t imagine not doing life with all the people that make Seattle home.

Until the next bite, cheers.


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