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05.24.2012 by Andrea


There must be something in the water, because in the past 6 months, I have been invited to no less than one baby shower a month. Last week, I managed to squeeze three into a span of less than 100 hours apart. The best part for those of us who are on track to not procreate, besides the celebration of the mama-to-be, is the social extravaganza that these events have become.

Tides have turned dramatically from a generation ago when baby showers were more sedate. It is now fashionable to show off your baby bump, rather than attempt to hide it behind a mumu.

meet Max & Winston – currently incubating as beautiful bumps

Don’t forget I enjoy sporting maternity clothes just for the heck of it.

Pinterest and Etsy have shower hostesses navigating through themed waters. No longer are melted candy bars posing as poopy diapers the norm at showers. Soirees that pamper the mom-to-be with giftcards to favorite restaurants, spas, and other mommy indulgences are trendy, and parties that help develop the focus of the nursery are the current wave.


it’s a creative invitation frenzy.

Even better? The food! It is spectacular! I will NOT miss a shower with the spread that I [along with all other party-attenders] are being treated too.

Meet the babies-to-be, their mama’s, and the food that has been served at these incredible events.

I have to start with my first family of favorites. Admittedly Auntie Dre Dre dodged this shower, as aforementioned, to attend a UW v. Duke basketball game in NY. I felt awful as I had given two dates as to when I could attend from out of town, received a save the date, and then later realized I had purchased tickets to the game, and was unable to distentangle myself from my commitment. In other words, I coug-ed it. Team B was more than gracious, and collectively they have come with a compendium of hilarious stories three months into parenting.

Not only do they have the cutest family profile picture to date, they also had a fabulous shower over brunch. Thanks KW for capturing these snapshots with your iPhone.

welcome to the world baby Nolan.

Rounding to second base was a couple that I was jubilant to find out they were with child. They are as passionate about sports as I am, and now have just about the cutest little boy you ever did see. I just want to eat him up. This shower was on the edge of being slightly raucous as we had a bunch of co-workers together in one room.

Hello Baby J!

ducky punch

goat cheese, salmon & dill.

dried apricots & goat cheese with almond honey.

chicken salad roll-ups.

"the works" potato saucers.

goat cheese, grapes & honey.

the dessert spread.

Our friend N also got to reveal her latest handiwork. If you aren’t a joint friend of ours, expect this to be your shower gift from yours truly [it’s my new go-to gift for showers]. I am so in love with her work! Six foot growth ruler charts are classic and sustainable. Best gift this side of anywhere.

creative & recycled wrapping paper.

tailored & personalized for each family.

unveiling of the new nautical themed board.

Alongside these beautifully crafted boards, one of my favorite “den mothers” is known to lug her sewing machine with her on our business trips in order to create these precious blankets. They are highly coveted in the pregnancy ring at work, and I am hoping that she will make me an adult version of a blankie. I mean, we all need something to cuddle with, right? As soon as I can find fabric with a bacon print on it ….

bRaggin’ Nana’s Blankets.

PR’s dedication to nurturing and loving on the preggo mommies at work, is unparalleled. She is truly Nana to each and everyone of the little one’s upon their arrival. Her attention to detail and artistry on these blankets makes them truly handled with care. Get in line ladies.

a gaggle of gals celebrating L & baby JR

the closest I get to holding the babies.

We grabbed the bull by the horns when I co-hosted my friend .com’s baby shower and decided to make the venue a restaurant. Pictures are lost in cyberspace right now [to be uploaded shortly], but what I will tell you is that there was a bottle chugging contest. 8 ounces of grape juice, is no easy feat to down. Following suit, my lovely friend JM had her shower at a local Mexican cantina. I can’t imagine how tired the server was after 20 of us chatty gals descended upon the joint.

cheers to our hot lil’ mama!

Two-a-day are not just the summer football practice schedule or my personal workout goal. Last Saturday made for some creative juggling and interesting stories. [I’m talking to you sir, who nudged my bumper and claimed I rolled into you on a flat surface, while completely stopped and driving an automatic. Thank you for shaking your head with me at the hilarity of this situation Mr. Washington State Patrol trooper.]

Party planner extraordinaire BB takes parties to a whole other atmosphere. Her entire house was decked out with nautical themed items, and the menu the ladies had sent our little Sailor-in-utero off in resounding fashion.

the USS fruit salad.

ahoy! it’s a boy.

blt bites & seafood ceviche in cucumber cups

pioneer woman antipasto rosemary skewers & chicken salad croissant sandwiches

babies in blankies, one monogrammed for little Max N.

caprese skewers & to-die-for cookie dough dip with ‘nilla wafers

cake designed by the same gal who did her wedding cake.

Let’s just put it this way, there was enough food for me to make the rounds, several times, and to go feed the hungry firefighters in Auburn with the leftovers.

Quite the little boat party for lil’ Max.

bon voyage!!!

my new signature pose – palming the bellies.

Last, but certainly not least, I got to hangout with another group of fashionably pregnant ladies.

me & all the baby mama’s and mama’s to be

Baby B is already the princess in the eye of her parents. She also got showered in a buffet of goodies and sweet treats.

almost too pretty to eat!

That rounds out my baby shower circuit. I am about to dive full speed ahead into a season of summer, bachelorette parties, and weddings. Much like my little playpal Dazie [who’s birthday is today] I feel the need to take a nap from all the festivities. I’m not sure how all these new mama’s adjust to feeding schedules and lack of sleep routine. I salute them. I’ve learned more about sprinkles, rooting, and other unmentionable pregnancy “perks” all while managing to dodge endangering newborn babies and myself by holding and cooing at them. It makes the mothers and myself feel safer.

Dazie – over ‘n out.

The holiday day weekend is upon us. Until the next bite – play safe, stay safe. cheers.


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