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06.20.2012 by Andrea

Phew. Summer is upon us, [happy summer solstice], and it feels like I am hurtling through each week at breakneck speed. June is nearly over, Seattle continues to flirt her way through life [as per normal], and has had some glorious sunny days [like today] and not so glorious days [ahem, clearing my throat – Monday I am talking to you]! In the meantime I have been crisscrossing the coasts and somehow I hopped from Maui to NY in less than 24 hours. Talk about mixing business and pleasure! In the past two weeks I have managed to squeeze in a wedding reception that featured a taco truck [awesome and amazing], NW wine tasting, Tacoma’s finest waterfront dining establishments [a boat crawl, if you will] and the usual Seattle samplings.

This post is being composed from a nice lodging establishment, and ever the road warrior that I am, in typical fashion food is on my brain. I am having a night “in” and let me tell you, hotel eating ain’t so glamorous when it involves a pre-packaged salad, and instant mashed potatoes. However, while tonight’s consumption lacks fanfare, I am smacking my lips at what is to come in the next few months. This weekend some friends are getting ready to celebrate the nuptials of a swell couple. You know that a rehearsal dinner wouldn’t be complete without shrimp, sweet potatoes fries, ‘slaw and hushpuppies when you’re in New Orleans.

southern eatin’ at her finest.

I am definitely pumped up for my first seafood boil in Charleston, later this fall. And surely will be eating, and licking my fingers as I am chowing down in the South as the Dawgs play LSU.

Enough forecasting/food-dreaming, I’ll get down to the meat and potatoes of this post. At the beginning of this month I got a chance to travel to Maui for longer than a nights slumber. It was fabulous! Having never really explored the Lahaina side, I have to say that Maui is coming in hot behind Kona, which is my favorite place to rest and relax when headed to the Hawaiian islands.

My friend B was cooking his lady pal and myself dinner before I departed and inquired as to what I was planning on doing. I just wanted to soak up the sun, reacquaint myself with my Kindle, eat well [obvi], and anticipated laughing a lot with my pals. All the items on my wish list were checked off and my state of mind couldn’t have been more relaxed when I stepped on the plane to head back to the mainland.

My stay was fairly brief so Mrs. W kept me apprised of all the good eats that were being consumed while I was jet-setting. Here are some of the highlights she compiled.

My first meal was a kahlua pulled pork sandwich, but I inhaled it so quickly [read: the waiter hadn’t even checked back with us before I was finished and pushing my plate away] we didn’t get a snapshot of that. We did of our first dinner appetizer, which I fell love in with and ordered another round.

Macadamia Nut Wontons, I already can’t wait to revisit you. Thank you Hula Grill, for creating another food obsession.

macadamia nut wontons with a shoyu and mustard dipping sauce.

I know, I know, who is the dork who orders a non fish item when they are in a fishing capital? I am. I loved this grilled goat cheese sandwich, and roasted tomato soup. I mean, well actually there isn’t an excuse, it just sounded good and it was.

After vigorous workouts our mornings started with a round [or two] of these beauties.

rise and shine, it’s happy hour time!

And the dinners that continued after my departure looked something like this:

maui onion salad with balsamic & goat cheese

shrimp wontons with mango chutney

grilled monchong with pineapple salsa & maui onion mashed potatoes

stuffed lobster Ono

big wave – the favored ale of choice throughout the week

banana spring rolls with coffee ice cream.

These snapshots/dishes were captured from either Kimo’s, Lahaina Fish Company or Pacific’O. Hands in the air, who is ready to board a flight, and starting eating? This girl!

I mentioned my friends B & T, earlier in this post. They live right next to La Rustica in West Seattle, a place I still have yet to try. B is the kind of chef that looks in the fridge and is able to make a meal out of random ingredients. His cooking compositions rarely disappoint and often surprise. Check out the vegetarian dishes he made the other night.

no rolling pin? no problem, improvise!

somehow an egg, pickle, bbq sauce, and cottage cheese with a whole wheat biscuit all married together well.

I still don’t know if there is a name for this dish, but instead of a cinnamon roll it was a vegetable roll. It involved onions, tofu, broccoli, and a cheddar cabernet sauce.

one of of his famed egg dishes.

It’s obviously no secret, I love my protein, and rather enjoy getting it through meat. However B is doing a super job of turning the tide and introducing me to other means of ingesting balanced meals. Some tastes have been more successful than others but I will keep trying as long as he keeps whipping up new dishes.

That’s all she wrote folks. Headed to Walla Walla for a quick stay this weekend [any must try wineries or restaurants? leave a comment below, it would be most appreciated], and then looking forward to the summer Foodportunity event this Monday. Amazing bites, and cookbook reveals are on tap. RN74 [Seattle] just celebrated their 1 year, so I am hoping they churn out some sweet treats. Of course my restaurant crushes McCracken Tough will be there too, and I can’t wait to see what T.Doug does. All in all should be a great event.

Looking forward to a full summer of eating.
Until the next bite, cheers.

sunday suppertime in Maui!


2 thoughts on “maui by the mouthful

  1. onestreetshy says:

    I love it and am thrilled to follow you through your food world. Hope we can catch up again soon and maybe share a meal..

    • Andrea says:

      thanks @onestreetshy. looking forward to following you on your journey as well. such as treat to have some good chitchat time with you the other day!

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