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06.29.2012 by Andrea

Hello sunshine! Summer just got real in Seattle, and I couldn’t be happier. I also couldn’t have a more jam-packed schedule that is taking me away from celebrating and doing a sun dance down the sun-kissed streets. Perhaps it’s better for everyone that I am prowling twitter and facebook and virtually enjoying the delayed sunsets and city snapshots from afar.

Back in the dead of winter when I attended my first foodportunity, my friend BB requested that we clear our schedules for the next one. Revisiting this event has been nearly 6 months in the making and every sample was definitely worth kicking up my workout, slightly starving myself throughout the day of the event, and gorging in less than 3 hours on the best that Seattle has to offer.

Since the first sampling of the black truffle oil fondue, I have been raving to BB about The Coterie Room’s amazing ham cracklin’s. I’ll be honest, the moment you dip that salty pork rind into the fondue and then hear the snap, crackle, and pop, if you’re not a smitten kitten you should be. Being that McCracken and Tough are never satisfied with just resting on their laurels, they switched up the fondue to a more seasonally appropriate fondue flavor, sweet onion. No complaints here.

a full portion of my favorite salty treat.

I might, have ordered the appetizer before BB arrived, and then might have had to ask the server to remove them from my grasp so that she could actually enjoy the dish I had been touting for so long. Perfect first stop for the food train. A round of bubbles to toast BB’s birthday month and then it was a quick walk to the Palace Ballroom.

Before we arrived, the smell of outdoor grilling was filling the streets like we were about to hit a row of food carts. To pay homage to how much we both love T.Doug the first bite of the night appropriately was from his kitchen.

tom douglas :: summer vegetable salad

A generously portioned dish that featured his Prosser Farms summer vegetables with a farro salad and a applewood grilled bread with kopanisti. If the widening of BB’s eyes were any indicator, it was a strong start to the evening.

Our first two food outposts we swung by once we passed through the lobby were RN74 and Ray’s Boathouse which are both high on my list of places to eat. Typically I don’t venture into either one of their sweet nothings and so it was a true treat to dive in from a well balanced T.Doug dish into pure confectionary heaven.

rn74 :: honey yorgurt panna cotta

Had it not been totally gauche I would have whipped around and stuffed a couple of those panna cotta bad boys into BB’s purse.

ray’s boathouse :: banana cream & nutella ganache cone

Take a deep breath because the next three treasures have my heartbeat quickening in anticipation of sharing them with you.

Tulalip Bay, [from the Tulalip Resort], killed it to put it simply. First and foremost, kudos to TB for always having a creative plating container. Last time it looked like a piece of cedar, this time the scalloped holder was perfect for showcasing the taster. Light the torches and prepare to hula, this surf and turf of poke was the real deal. Savor this: kahlua pork, ahi tuna poke, jasmine rice, topped with taro root. Showstopper.

tulalip resort :: surf & turf poke

BB said that the creaminess of the poke and the saltiness of the pork, made for the perfect combination. I couldn’t agree more.

The food adventures rolled to the next, which happened to be the masters of my food fantasies McCracken and Tough.

mccracken & tough :: sockeye salmon

This picture doesn’t do the the dish justice. I’ll give you the play by play. One bite. I didn’t even stop to breathe, literally, I shoveled the entire snack into my mouth. Sockeye salmon, with mascarpone, pickled shallots, and fried capers. You can find this on the menu at Spur and it’s definitely a must order.

As I glanced up at the tweet-up board I noticed that Lark was getting rave reviews. It’s no wonder. They were cooking to order marbled salmon served with a smoked salmon puree, and a bacon pea ragout. Ever the classy gal BB offered to share one plate with me since the wait was a bit longer than any other vendor’s. I can’t help it, my stomach is selfish, I waited it out to get my own serving, and then finished BB’s. It was darn good.

lark :: this guy was like a fire-wielding magician

lark :: marbled salmon, cooked to order

BB and I had devised a plan to rank our favorite samples throughout the night. Well, that theory was tossed out the window as soon as we had these three bites. There was no gold, silver, or bronze. They all took home blue ribbons.

Next door Palisades had on of the most visually appealing setups and also a terrific showcase of their exquisite food.

palisades :: hawaiian hamachi poke. served with goat cheese atop a crispy taro.

The evening didn’t stop delighting. I enjoyed one of the best handcrafted bloody mary’s to date. Demitri’s built to drink, and he masterminded a delicious blend featuring a bacon salt rimmed glass, spicy mix, pickled onions, garlic, pepperoncini’s, and olives, completed with a hollowed out pepperoni stick/straw.


Be honest, was it bad that I just wanted to eat the frosting from Trophy Cupcake’s bourbon bacon brittle mini? I somehow managed to resist the urge. Those bite size nuggets were frosted to perfection and just looked like they wanted my finger to swipe all the goodies from the top straight into my mouth.

BB and I both were selected in the raffle as winners. She will be hosting a 10-person salad party this summer somewhere picturesque thanks to Seattle Salads. I snagged a trio of the chocolopolis anise ganache fig truffles. I passed them along to her boyfriend in an attempt to sweeten him up prior our rubber match of shuffleboard this Sunday at Brave Horse Tavern. We’ll see how that works out.

chocolopolis :: fig truffles

A few pleasant surprises. Having never dined at Dinette I didn’t have a frame of reference and loved their chicken liver crostini.

dinette :: tuscan style chicken liver crostini

Copperleaf from Cedarbrook Lodge down in SeaTac, had a duck rillette atop of a truffle brioche.

copperleaf :: duck rillette

They also had the most amazing bowl of cherries, just staring at us all night long.

Tabby Cat Pickling Company was serving pickled beets, but I probably got over-exuberant with their flagship pickle, Mother’s Pickles. Their brine has a kick of jalapeno’s, making it so I could eat these by the handful.

tabby cat :: pickled beets

I wanted to reprise bobbing for apples, you can read between the lines, literally I hoped to dunk my head in the pickle tub after trying these.

tabby cat :: mother’s pickles

It was great to sampling my first heirloom tomatoes of the season from El Gaucho. They were serving an ahi tuna tartar.

We opted to have SkyCity close out our event with a herb roasted lamb sandwich. It was a tad sweet, but still delicious since it featured Rainier cherries, pepper jelly, and blueberry salt.

skycity :: lamb sandwich

Many accolades again to all the restaurants that participate in this event, all the folks that BB and I got to meet and mingle with, and of course Keren Brown for continuing to put this night together! It’s a major undertaking and I applaud her for making this magic happen. My apologies to anyone I who felt like I was spamming their twitter or instagram [@eatsandtweets] feeds with my posts. It’s quite the frenzied atmosphere, and I might have gotten a little excited. Also, thanks to BB for being my sampling partner. Who wants to join us next time?

This past weekend some gal pals and I got to venture to the other side of the state and danced, drank, and dived into all the food and beverages that Walla Walla has to offer. It was as whirlwind trip and I am excited to share the best of our bites and sips in the next post.

Coming off of the trip, I got a chance to eat two more meals from Chef B. I think my next category might be called B’s Bites. He is doing a great job of making sure T and I are being fed with homestyle flair. Sunday night it mwas spaghetti. I was too busy twirling pasta, and scarfing it down that I didn’t get a picture. Monday after the wrap-up of foodportunity he brought to life bbq/habanero infused eggs with fresh thyme, garden greens, sweet onions and portuguese salami. Topped with grated parmesan, and cracked black pepper, roma tomatoes, and a cracked pepper/lemon wasabi/habanero sauce. Completed with toast points that had a smear of miracle whip. The guy has talent for making ingredients work.

I’m sure the average person wouldn’t have been able to eat another plateful of food, but I did, and it was wonderful. Chef’s B’s food does not disappoint. I nearly licked the plate clean.

Lot’s of rumblings from Seattle street food peeps. Apparently there have been sightings of Top Chef folk around town, adding to the rumor mill that we might be the next featured city. Also, mobile melts, the grilled cheese truck that I have been counting down the days till they open has started the preparation to get Monte [short for Monte Cristo] out on the open roads. I’m expecting a lot of good eating this next week as 4th of July is around the corner. My favorite father and son trio will be venturing out to Capitol Hill to try Restaurant Zoe and I also hope they squeeze in canon. Looking forward to their feedback as I immensely enjoyed my recent visit to Restaurant Zoe after the relocation.

Happy Friday all and congratulations to two snazzy couples CK & Jackie as well as Jim & Katie who are swapping vows this weekend.

Until the next bite, cheers.


2 thoughts on “#eating & #tweeting

  1. Jeff Krause says:

    Dre, I am hungry now! Nice work, you have a gift. I see you on the food network real soon.

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